Planning your Search in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

It’s not necessary to find a job before you leave for the Czech Republic or Slovakia. In fact, it’s not necessarily the best way to do it, particularly if you don’t possess formal qualifications and want to find a job with a private school.

As with the other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, travel is inexpensive enough that you should be able to visit different areas to determine where you might want to live and work before you actually take a job.

The website will allow you to do plenty of research before you even buy your plane ticket. This generally works best for experienced teachers who already have a sense of the kind of job they are looking for. Some employers will be looking for someone to start immediately, but if you are on your way soon, let them know your schedule. If you want to teach for sure, the most jobs will be open in September, the start of the school year. Contact the following organizations for more information:

    East European Partnership
    15 Princeton Court
    53-55 Felsham Road
    London SW15 1AZ
    United Kingdom
    Phone: (441-81) 780 2841

    Soros Foundation Grant Program
    University of Montana
    Linguistics Program
    Missoula, MT 59812
    Phone: (406) 243-4751

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