TEFL Training and RSA Programs

Teacher training programs in the United States rely predominantly on the TEFL program that was developed in the States. More and more schools, though, are offering RSA certification, which is sanctioned by the Cambridge University in England. In Eastern Europe, the RSA program is more widely recognized than any other certification program. Though this shouldn’t necessarily dissuade you from entering another program, having an RSA certificate simply means that you will be asked fewer questions regarding your qualifications by your prospective employer. Expect to pay between US$1,500 and $2,000 for four- to six-week intensive teacher training programs. In Europe, schools such as International House may discount their programs if you agree to sign a contract to teach at their school after you complete your RSA course.

Teacher and students looking at a globe

Follow these links to get a list of schools that offer training in the area nearest you:

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