HAZWOPER 40 and OSHA 30 Hour Training

In light of recent events and a rapidly spreading oil spill that is not yet stopped, many people will need to get HAZWOPER training in order to be able to properly take care of these environmental problems in a way that will meet OSHA guidelines. Becoming qualified to handle, treat, store, or properly dispose of such material requires training, which can be obtained through OSHA courses available through distance training.

Oil Spills Require Specific Training to Properly and Safely Clean Up

HAZWOPER 40 Training Is Readily Available

The OSHA HAZWOPER 40 material, which is a 40-hour course, is available from many sources online. The course may be worked on at your leisure, but it must be completed within a six-month time span. Employers who will use personnel to work to help clean up the oil spill from the environment must ensure that their employees are properly trained and have completed the course, too. They will also need to ensure that employees are experienced in handling and using the special clothing and equipment for the operation.

The HAZWOPER Refresher Course

For those who have already had the OSHA HAZWOPER training, the only requirement may be taking the 8-hour Refresher Course. This course must be completed within the one-year period following the anniversary of completing the 40-hour course. Whether or not they will be required to take the 40-hour program again will depend on their familiarity with the various safety and health rules. If a little more than one year has passed, they will be required to take the Refresher Course as soon as possible.

Trainers for HAZWOPER Courses

Currently there are no specific OSHA requirements for the certification of instructors. The thing that will qualify them is if they can explain the material that needs to be covered to those they are teaching. The courses, however, are specific for the various types of situations where workers may be involved.

Once the off-site training is completed, then workers at a General Site will be required to train an additional three days on-site. The trainer must also have completed the course and have on-site experience.

OSHA 30 Courses

OSHA also has two 30-hour courses, which are referred to as Outreach Courses. The OSHA 30 courses are specialized for Construction and also for General Industry. Their purpose is to enable employees and supervisors (including Foremen, Job Supervisors, Safety Directors, Field Supervisors, and others in the industry) to be able to identify, reduce, eliminate, and properly report problems or hazards found in the workplace. It is possible for discounts to be available when several people in the same group are taking the required course.

All of the OSHA standards online courses are available through distance learning. These can be found at many different Websites, and some of them may also have the courses available in Spanish. It is important, however, to find out whether or not the courses are approved and meet OSHA standards. There are no pre-requisite courses needed to take these courses.

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