Natural Gas Industry

The natural gas industry has experienced tremendous growth worldwide. Hotbeds in the United States include New Mexico, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas, where new gas drilling operations have proliferated quickly.

Natural Gas Facility Photo
Pinedale, Wyoming, Farmington, New Mexico, and Hobbs, New Mexico are just a few of the relatively small towns impacted by America’s need for natural gas. We profile these towns on the pages that follow. The populations of these towns have seen exponential growth over the past decade due to the growth of natural gas drilling. Some of those living in these regions despise the industry because it has driven up wages, housing prices, and has created a host of other challenges related to having more people. On the flip side, however, the state governments benefit from more tax revenues

There is an ongoing need for new employees to work on gas pipelines and for drilling companies. The work is dirty and exhausting, with operators going day and night, year-round, but the pay and benefits offered by gas employers is enticing. Workers have flocked to the natural gas drilling industry from all over the U.S., and many military vets have turned to these jobs as well.

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