Oil Pipeline Line Walker Job

The job of a line walker is to patrols oil and gas pipelines as well as communication systems on foot, horseback, or by car to locate and repair pipeline leaks, breaks, washouts, and damaged utility wires and poles.

Alaska Oil Pipeline with Snowy Mountains in BackgroundO

The line walker assesses sections of pipelines to detect evidence of leaks, such as oil stains, odors, and dead vegetation. If problems are found the line walker may take steps to repair small leaks using tools for caulking, hammers, clamps, and wrenches.

He or she will reports any large leaks and washouts to district office as well as any problems found with telephone and telegraph wires like broken insulators, wires, and fallen poles.

Additionally, the line walker may be charged with inspecting operations of automatic drip bleeders on gaslines to detect malfunctions, such as clogged valves. If there are problem then they may need repairs.

This job often requires the ability to work solo. You must be a good problem solver, highly detailed oriented, versatile, and in good physical condition. Compensation depends on experience but is often $18.00 to $20.00 per hour or more.

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