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Build Your Freelance Business As A Thumbtack Pro

What do you need ticked off of your to-do list? Whatever it is, Thumbtack will take care of it.

Thumbtack connects customers with creative, talented, and skilled pros who can complete any job. This online marketplace makes it easy to hire an affordable, local professional who can complete anything you need done. Thumbtack helps you get a competitive quote and find the best freelancer for the job.

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Customers can find pros who specialize in public relations, taxes, embroidery, graphic design, animation, radon mitigation, identity theft restoration, pet sitting, palm reading, genealogy, photography, wildlife removal, vacuum cleaner repair, house painting, Cantonese translation, mural painting, singing lessons, personal training, magic tricks, and so much more. That’s just a small sampling of what Thumbtack pros can do for you.

All a customer needs to do is open up the Thumbtack website or the Thumbtack app on iOS or Android devices. Then they type in what they need done and their zip code. Thumbtack emails a variety of pros that have the skills to complete the job. If the pros are qualified and willing they can send back a personalized quote. The customer can compare quotes, coordinate details, and choose the best pro for the job. After the job is completed, the customer can review the work and help the pro build their Thumbtack reputation. It’s amazing how simple it is to get things done.

Marco Zappacosta, Sander Daniels, Jonathan Swanson, and Jeremy Tunnell co-founded Thumbtack in 2009. Based in the gig economy hub of San Francisco, California, Thumbtack was recently valued at over $1 billion. This company now operates in all 50 states and hosts over 200,000 professionals who are successfully building their businesses through Thumbtack.

Thumbtack has millions of happy customers who make over 5 million requests for work every year. Thumbtack Pros offer over 1,100 types of services and collectively earn $1 billion in annual revenue. With Thumbtack, everyone can find their niche and make money doing what they do best. There are plenty of success stories to prove it.

To get started on Thumbtack, sign up online. You’ll need to specify what services you provide and have a valid email address. Next, build your profile page and wait for freelance jobs to be sent to your email inbox.

When a customer makes a request that fits your services and location, you will be notified. You can respond with a personalized message and price quote if you so choose. Usually, a handful of pros will respond to every request for work. To send a quote to a customer, Pros use Thumbtack credits.

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Every pro must purchase Thumbtack credits before they respond to any work requests. Thumbtack credits cost approximately $1.50 per credit and can be purchased in bulk or per quote. It costs roughly 2 to 9 credits to send a quote to a client – the number of credits is based on the services provided. The pay-per-quote system helps keep the bidding process competitive.

Thumbtack makes its money by selling credits to pros. This helps to support the logistics, infrastructure, marketing, and technology that makes this online marketplace possible. Thumbtack does NOT charge any fees or commissions on the amount that pros earn for jobs. You get to keep the full amount of your quote after you complete the job.

The amount a Thumbtack pro can earn depends entirely on the type of services they provide and the amount of work that they accept. On average, most Thumbtack pros will make about $300 per month. Many Thumbtack pros can actually double or even triple the size of their business by successfully growing their clientele through Thumbtack.

No matter what you specialize in or where you are located, your skills and talents are in demand with Thumbtack. Let Thumbtack help you capitalize on what you do best. Sign up online and be a part of the shared economy revolution where you get to build your own business, be your own boss, and work your own hours.

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Quick Facts About Thumbtack

Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Connects customers with creative, talented, and skilled pros who can complete any job
Thumbtack Pro Requirements: Sign up online
Pay: Pay depends on services provided

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