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Postmates is an urban logistics company that uses the shared economy business model to supply on-demand delivery of local goods by local, independent couriers. Now anything you want from anywhere in town can be delivered to your door by a responsible and happy Postmates delivery courier – usually within an hour. That’s why Postmates is “Everyone’s Favorite Delivery Service.”

Sam Street, Sean Plaice, and Bastian Lehmann founded Postmates in 2011. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It currently operates in over 100 metropolitan areas. Postmates is booming and people rely on it. The company is optimistic that it will continue to expand in North America and hopefully globally too.

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Postmates makes the on-demand delivery of virtually anything possible. The most popular deliveries are food deliveries, but a customer can order anything – a smoothie, a bacon and egg bagel, an iPhone, fresh flowers, tasty tacos, or even a new desk chair. It’s remote retail shopping at its finest. Customers can buy locally and on-demand. It’s convenient, but it also builds a loyal community that relies on each other.

All a customer needs to do to request a delivery is open up the Postmates app on their iOS or Android device. A Postmates courier accepts the request, drives to the store, picks up the product, pays for it with a prepaid debit card, and delivers it to the customer. Both the customer and the courier rate the experience to build their Postmates reputation. It’s simple.

Data and technology makes on-demand delivery like this possible. Without mobile devices, GPS technology, and inventory data this niche couldn’t exist. The companies use technology to connect customers with couriers and to work with stores to provide delivery services. Everyone benefits. Customers can get the things they need and want delivered on-demand, businesses can offer delivery services, and couriers can be their own boss. Postmates coordinates the logistics and makes on-demand delivery possible.

Since its inception, Postmates has raised tens of millions of dollars in funding. The business continues to grow at a steady pace. Postmates handles millions of deliveries every single year. To keep up with demand and to keep their customers happy, Postmates relies on a loyal fleet of delivery couriers to handle their distribution needs. That’s where you come in.

Thousands of people work as couriers for Postmates and the company needs more couriers in every market. As a Postmates courier, you can work when you want to work and be your own boss. To keep up with demand, Postmates needs you to work, but only when it’s convenient. It’s all about flexibility.

To become a Postmates courier, you need to be over 18 years old, have a valid drivers license, and own a vehicle such as a bike, car, truck, scooter, or motorcycle. If you meet those basic requirements, Postmates is waiting for your online application. After you apply, you will attend an on-boarding session and Postmates will run a background check.

If you are accepted to be a Postmates courier, you can work in any market where Postmates operates. All you have to do is grab your mobile device and accept a delivery request. You’ll be making money in no time.

When a courier completes a delivery, Postmates handles the transaction. Customers are charged for the item and a delivery fee. They also have an option to tip the courier. Postmates takes 20% of the profit and the courier gets the other 80%. The courier also gets to take home 100% of any gratuities. Couriers can make up to $25 per hour.

Couriers are paid weekly for the deliveries that they complete. The more you work, the more you make. You get to create your own schedule – part-time, full-time, or whenever you feel like it. There’s no commitment. Couriers make the most money when delivery rates are high. Rates fluctuate based on many factors including time and delivery demand.

Does zigzagging around town on your bike, scooter, or car picking up and delivering things sounds like fun? Then sign up to be a Postmates courier. It’s a cool job where no two days are ever exactly the same. You’re always on the go and never in an office. It’s exciting.

Quick Facts About Postmates

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Delivery of local goods by local, independent couriers
Driver Requirements: Drivers License, Vehicle, Positive Attitude, Age
Pay: $25 per hour PLUS tips

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