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Do you enjoy food? Are you a fan of meeting new people? Then why don’t you share your table and your home with eager diners via the meal sharing economy? There’s something special about sharing a home-cooked meal that truly brings people together.

The Meal Sharing Economy connects friendly hosts with hungry guests for home-cooked meals in the comfort of someone’s home. This unique shared economy niche has created a worldwide network of people who enjoy both the company of others and delicious meals. It’s basically a foodie’s dream come true – and it’s definitely worth trying.

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Meal sharing is rapidly building a global community of friendly people. It’s the ultimate networking tool because you never know whom you will meet in someone else’s home. There’s no better opportunity to experience the culinary delights of the world with other enthusiastic people who live in or are traveling in your area. Plus, let’s not forget that the hosts are also making money by creating the meals, dishes, drinks, and recipes that complete the dining experience and the welcoming atmosphere.

Is this shared economy niche starting to intrigue you? Let’s take a closer look at how the meal sharing economy works: A host, who is also an eager cook, signs up to be a part of the meal sharing community with a meal sharing business like EatWith or Traveling Spoon.

The host plans the meal. It can be simple, classy, gourmet, extravagant, exotic, or local. The host decides the time, location, price, number of guests, and provides all of the other essential details of the dining experience. Then the meal is posted online on the meal sharing website for everyone to see.

Diners search the meal sharing websites for exciting meals near them. They can browse by location, meal type, or other categories. Once they find a meal that they want to enjoy, they book it and pay online via the meal sharing website. Generally, the meal sharing website takes a commission from the transaction to cover their costs and to support the business.

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Then it’s showtime. At the given date, time, and location, the host opens their doors and invites their new friends into their home to enjoy the tasty meal that they have cooked and created. The meal is more than just eating tasty food though. It’s a chance to get to know people who you might not meet otherwise. It’s an opportunity to learn about food, culture, life, and locations. Meals help people to build bonds and to expand their horizons.

Once the meal is over the parties all go their separate ways. The welcoming atmosphere, the home-cooked meal, and the interesting people that you meet will be a memorable experience that both diners and hosts will enjoy. And like other shared economy niches, participants can rate and review their companions to build their cooking/hosting reputations.

Hosts in the meal sharing economy are responsible for creating the social experience and for cooking the meals. In exchange, they are rewarded for their hard work. All diners pay the predetermined price for the meal before they arrive. After the meal is finished, the meal sharing business pays the host. Hosts typically set their own prices and may be able to break even and cover their costs. Many successful hosts can even turn meal sharing into a respectable job.

The Internet is allowing the meal sharing economy to thrive around the world. There are no barriers to entry and anyone can become a host. It’s truly a global community of social diners and welcoming home cooks. The meal sharing economy has made it easier than ever to find a home-cooked meal anywhere in the world – and that’s why both locals and travelers love it.

There’s something special about sharing a table and enjoying a meal with new friends. It’s a bonding experience that’s hard to beat. Everyone should try meal sharing. There are no excuses not too. Visit the website or the app of a meal sharing company to learn more and to become a part of the meal sharing community.

Quick Facts About The Meal Sharing Economy

Job Title: Host aka Home Cook
Office: Your Home and Kitchen
Location: Anywhere in the world
Description: Host diners in your home and cook meals for them
Requirements: Cooking skills, Social skills, Kitchen
Potential Employers: Meal Sharing Companies
Pay: Varies from free up to $50+ per guest per meal

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