Flexible Workers Wanted For On-Demand Moving Jobs

Take a minute and count how many times you’ve moved in your life. It’s probably more than a handful. People are always moving. They upgrade, downgrade, relocate, switch roommates, want a change of scenery, or are looking to retire.

Every time someone moves they want to bring their things with them. Moving furniture, boxes, mattresses, and other things is always a hassle. You can either do it yourself, find a friend, or hire a moving company to help. Not anymore. The shared economy is here to help you with your move.

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Next time you need help moving across town, getting a large item delivered, or rearranging your furniture, use an on-demand moving company to help. On-demand moving companies connect people who need things moved with local truck, SUV, and van owners who do the lifting and moving for you.

With on-demand moving, you can get almost anything moved for you. From moving a sofa down a narrow flight of stairs to relocating to a new apartment across town, on-demand moving companies have an unlimited supply of muscle-bound movers ready to do the heavy lifting for you. It’s a convenient, affordable, and on-demand service that ensures that you don’t strain your back.

Here’s how on-demand moving works: When a person needs something moved, they open up the on-demand moving app on their smartphone. They list the pickup location and drop off location, attach a photo of the item, and write a description. The moving company provides a price quote via the app.

A local, reliable, physically fit mover will accept the moving request and show up on scene. The movers will load the item at the pick-up destination, secure it in their vehicle, transport it via SUV, truck, trailer, or van, and unload the item at the destination. The shared economy company insures the cargo during the move too.

After the move is completed, the movers and the client rate each other. The client can tip the movers via the app, and the moving company completes the credit card charge. In exchange for the technology, infrastructure, and matchmaking abilities, the shared economy company takes a commission on each move. It’s a flawless system and everyone benefits.

It’s never been easier to get your stuff moved from Point A to Point B. Everyone loves on-demand moving, especially the movers. On-demand moving jobs offer movers the chance to be their own boss and to work their own hours.

To become an on-demand mover, apply to work with an on-demand moving company like Dolly, Bellhops, GhostTruck, or others. You’ll go through a background check, interview, and orientation. Once accepted, all you have to do is check your smartphone for moving opportunities. Jobs are usually offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

It’s amazing how much work is available. On-demand moving companies easily respond to tens of thousands of moves every year. There are extra opportunities for movers that can provide a van, truck, or SUV, but helpers are needed too.

Most companies specialize in local pickups and deliveries that last an hour or two. Movers can earn a few extra bucks or a full paycheck – it depends on how much they choose to work.

Currently on-demand moving services are offered in hundreds of cities across the United States. From big cities to small college towns, this niche is growing quickly and it’s brimming with potential. There are lots of on-demand moving startups and that means lots of job opportunities for people like you.

Sign up today and start making money. With an on-demand moving job you can easily make $30 per hour plus tips. Some companies claim you can make up to $45 per hour. Is that better than what you make in your current job?

Help your neighbor and become an on-demand mover. Will your next paycheck come from the shared economy?

Quick Facts About On-Demand Moving

Job Title: Movers, Helpers, Hands
Office: Anywhere
Location: Anywhere on-demand moving companies operate
Description: Help consumers load, transport, and unload heavy objects for local moves and deliveries
Requirements: Smartphone, Physically Fit, Moving Vehicle
Potential Employers: On-demand moving companies
Pay: Up to $45 an hour

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