Make Friends And Earn Money As A Host In The Meal Sharing Economy

Think about your last few meals that you’ve truly enjoyed. What made them special? The food? The company? The location? The Meal Sharing Economy combines all of these things to create memorable dining experiences. Sharing a table with new friends is the ultimate form of social networking. Take advantage of the meal sharing economy today and see where it takes you.

The meal sharing economy makes it possible to enjoy a home-cooked meal with an assortment of people that you may never meet in “normal” situations. This shared economy niche does this by connecting friendly hosts/cooks with hungry diners via apps and websites. And it’s absolutely thriving as this global trend rapidly grows in popularity.

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Meal sharing companies have an international reach. Home cooks and hungry diners can connect in countless cities and countries around the globe. It’s an appealing opportunity for both travelers and locals to network, dine, and enjoy. Like other shared economy companies, everyone sees meal sharing as a win-win situation.

Guests get to enjoy a home-cooked meal, experience culture, meet new people, and enjoy a dining experience unlike anything else available. Hosts get to welcome people into their home, tap into their culinary talents, enjoy the company of new friends – and of course make money. Meal sharing businesses earn a small fee for making the connections in most cases. It’s a pretty cool scenario.

Meal sharing businesses are very simple. They follow the shared economy business model that is taking the world by storm. Hosts create accounts with meal sharing companies. They then post the details of their dining experience – dishes, times, locations, prices, amenities, maps, availability, etc. Guests can then search for nearby meals that look appetizing and book and pay for them through the meal sharing company.

Then it’s time to dine. Guests show up. Hosts cook food. Everyone dines and enjoys a unique dining experience that expands their horizons on food, culture, life, people, and so much more. The people around the table, the tastes of the dishes, and the conversation create these memorable experiences.

Does meal sharing intrigue you? Why don’t you sign up for one of these cool meal sharing companies:

  • Traveling Spoon – Connects home cooks with hungry people to build community, share resources, promote healthier lifestyles, and to increase cultural understanding
  • EatWith – Provides a social dining experience by connecting hungry diners with high-quality chefs for home-cooked meals

As a host, you can sign up for one or all of these companies. You can host as much or as little as you choose to. Hosts create the entire experience. They pick the dishes, the prices, the number of guests, the seating arrangements, the schedule. It’s essentially like running your own business.

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Income from hosting meals varies greatly because there are so many variables. Hosts can turn meal sharing into a lucrative side business or they may just break even and cover their costs. The amount of money you earn is a factor of your location, the prices you set, the dining experience, the number of meals you host, and the number of guests that book your meal. Hosts earn anywhere from $5 to $50+ per guest per plate. It’s up to you to capitalize on the meal sharing niche.

It’s easy to break into the world of meal sharing. Try it out as a guest first. Test out a few different meals. Then switch over to being a host. Create your own menu, schedule your own “work” hours, and give your guests a dining experience that they will remember.

Sharing a table with others is the ultimate way to network. The people that you know and the connections that you make will often determine the course that your life will take. Try meal sharing as a host or as a guest. It has the potential to be life-changing.

Meal sharing is making the world a better place one meal at a time. Are you ready to join the meal sharing revolution?

Find Meal Sharing Opportunities With These Shared Economy Companies:

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