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Lyft is a transportation network company that offers on-demand ridesharing in more than 60 cities across the United States with plans to expand both domestically and internationally. As a rising star in the shared economy, Lyft has raised abundant funds from investors and the future is bright.

Logan Green and John Zimmer founded Lyft in 2012. Lyft started as an offshoot of ZimRide, a ridesharing company that focused on longer city-to-city journeys. Originally, Lyft was ZimRide’s sidekick and focused on shorter, local trips around town. Now Lyft has boomed into a major competitor in the ridesharing industry and connects countless passengers and drivers daily.

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Lyft has always been known for its giant pink mustache logo, but has shifted to a smaller dashboard-friendly “glowstache”. The moustache trademark symbolizes a fun loving company that saves everyone money, builds friendships, promotes community, and makes transportation “a more uplifting and fun experience.”

The Lyft experience relies on mobile devices. Passengers use the Lyft smartphone app to connect with a driver. The driver uses his own car to pick up the passenger and takes him to his destination following directions from the smartphone’s GPS. All payments are handled via the app. At the end of the ride, passengers and drivers rate each other to help build their Lyft reputation. Lyft provides the infrastructure and technology to connect the drivers and the riders on demand in exchange for a commission on every ride. It’s genius.

Lyft offers several types of rides. Lyft Line offers riders the opportunity to share rides with other random Lyft riders at a discounted price. Lyft connects passengers and drivers for exclusive rides. Lyft Plus offers vehicles with six seats or more for larger groups. Lyft is always expanding too.

To be a passenger, download the Lyft app on iOS or Android, supply a valid phone number, and enter a credit card. Then all you have to do is request a ride with the app. The app provides info about the driver including their name, Lyft rating, and photos of both the driver and the vehicle. The app also supplies GPS tracking and voluntary personal information to enhance connections during the journey.
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To become a Lyft driver, apply online through the Lyft website. Drivers must be 21 years old, have a valid drivers license for over one year, own a newer model car, and possess car insurance. Lyft screens every driver through the Department of Motor Vehicles, National Sex Offender Registries, and national and local criminal background checks. If this all goes smoothly, the driver will attend an in-person interview and must commit to Lyft’s zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy while driving.

Drivers supply their own vehicle. It must be a newer model vehicle with four external door handles and at least five seat belts. The vehicle must have in-state insurance, in-state license plates, and pass a vehicle inspection. Every state has slightly different rules and regulations, but these are the minimum requirements.

Technically all Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, but Lyft still carries a $1 million commercial liability policy on every driver. There are approximately 100,000 active drivers and that number is growing rapidly. Drivers can earn up to $35 per hour and may qualify for a signing bonus in select markets. Lyft provides a free online calculator where you can figure out how much you can make as a Lyft driver based on hours and location.

Lyft controls the price of the rides so there is never any haggling over prices. Lyft drivers make 80% of the payment from the passenger. Lyft takes a 20% commission called the “Lyft Fee” to pay for their administration, infrastructure, and other costs. If riders leave a gratuity, drivers collect 100% of all tips. Payments are made weekly and some entrepreneurial drivers make six figure salaries.

Driving for Lyft is an attractive gig because you are officially your own boss. You can work as little or as much as you want. You can work full time, part time, peak hours, or when you’re bored. As a Lyft driver you will finally have the freedom, flexibility, independence, and work life balance that you’ve always craved.Lyft iPhone App Screenshot

Quick Facts About Lyft

Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Offers on-demand ridesharing for drivers and riders
Passenger Requirements: Smartphone, Valid Phone Number, Credit Card
Driver Requirements: Background Checks, Interview, 21 Years Old, Valid Drivers License
Vehicle Requirements: Newer Model, Vehicle Inspection

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