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Are You Ready To Become A Gigwalker?

Would you accept $3 to walk down the street and take a photo of a restaurant’s nightly special menu? How about $4 to verify a street address or take video of an on-going construction project? Next time you’re out and about, download the Gigwalk app and you can earn money by completing simple micro-tasks like these.

Gigwalk operates an online platform where companies and individuals can post micro-tasks that they need to be completed. Those tasks can be located anywhere in the world because Gigwalk has an endless supply of on-demand, smartphone savvy workers who will complete tasks accurately, reliably, and in real-time.

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Matt Crampton, Ariel Seidman, and David Watanabe founded Gigwalk in 2010. The company is based in San Francisco, California and their goal is to reinvent the mobile world. By utilizing the basic shared economy business model, they are able to crowdsource work opportunities whenever and wherever it’s convenient and necessary.

Companies like Frito Lay, Red Bull, Wrigley, Whirlpool, and UPS post gigs on GigWalk because it eliminates their need to have employees or contractors located all over the globe. Now when they want someone to double-check the inventory at a store, take a photo of a search engine, verify a marketing campaign, or check on product placements, they just hire a Gigwalker to do it.

But Gigwalk isn’t only for businesses to extend their workforce. It’s also for individuals who want to hire a Gigwalker to complete a simple task like walking the dog, writing a review, checking traffic, or testing an app. Whatever the task, Gigwalk gets it done.

Here’s how Gigwalk works: A company or an individual creates a task online and sets the price for that task. Gigwalkers open the app, use the map to find available tasks, and accept the task that they will complete.

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Once they complete the micro-task, they submit their photos, videos, or audio recordings through the app. The data is dated, time-stamped, and GPS verified for accuracy. Gigwalk handles all of the financial transactions, supplies the infrastructure, and offers support to all parties involved. It’s the classic shared economy business.

To become a Gigwalker, download the Gigwalk app, register your account, link to PayPal, and off you go. Open up the app and gigs will appear on a user-friendly map. All you have to do is accept the gig, follow the directions, and complete the job. As you complete more tasks, you’ll build streetcred. Streetcred boosts your reputation and unlocks higher paying gigs. It’s kind of like playing a video game, except you earn money as you do it.

The gigs listed on Gigwalk can be located anywhere in the world, which means that anyone can register to be a Gigwalker and start earning money. There are more gigs posted in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, or Miami, but gigs can be posted anywhere. That’s why everyone should be a Gigwalker.

When you become a Gigwalker, all you have to do is check the map on the app. The first Gigwalker on scene gets the gig. When a gig pops up near you, cross the street or explore the city in an effort to complete tasks. You may only make a few bucks per micro-task, but over time it adds up.

Gigs posted on Gigwalk range from $3 to $100. They can last a few minutes or a few hours. You can make a few bucks a month or earn a full paycheck, but most people average about $100 per week. The more gigs you do, the more money you’ll find in your PayPal account.

Try to work Gigwalk into your daily routine. Pick up a gig on the way to work. Check out a new restaurant for lunch and make a few bucks on the way home. Make money while you walk your dog. Go out and explore the world. Gigwalk makes it easy to earn money while you’re out and about. It’s totally flexible and there’s work everywhere.

Gigwalk connects the right people for the job anywhere, anytime. This is the new global workforce. It’s the future of how work will get done. Are you ready to become a Gigwalker?

Quick Facts About Working for Gigwalk

Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Provides a global workforce that will perform micro-tasks anywhere, anytime
Requirements: Smartphone, Data Plan, Gigwalk App, Accuracy
Pay: $3 to $100 per gig, Average is $100 per week

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