Do You Have What It Takes To Be An On-Demand Mover?

Are you a physically fit person? Can you lift heavy objects with ease? Are you keen to make $30 per hour with a flexible schedule? An on-demand moving job might be perfect for you.

People always need help moving heavy or awkward things. That’s why on-demand moving is a booming niche of the shared economy. With on-demand moving job you can pay someone else to do the heavy lifting and moving for you.

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On-demand moving companies connect customers with movers who will move just about anything – mattresses, dressers, sofas, statues, lumber, boxes, rocks, tires. It doesn’t matter what the object is. As long as it needs to be moved, on-demand movers can make it happen.

On-demand moving uses the shared economy business model to make moving more user and worker-friendly. Whenever a customer needs something moved, they make a request via the app. The app calculates the pricing and sends out the request to a fleet of available movers. The first movers to accept the job win.

The movers coordinate with the customer. Then they load, secure, transport, and unload the item using their personal vehicle. It may take an hour or an afternoon. Once the move is finished the shared economy company completes the financial transaction. The customer is happy and the mover checks his smartphone to accept his next moving gig.

On-demand moving definitely is in-demand by the general public. Movers can stay super busy making pickups and deliveries of big items for people. They provide a service that is based on their ability to lift and transport heavy things – something that not everyone can do.

No one can complain about affordable, convenient, hassle-free, on-demand moving services, right? And no worker can moan about a flexible job that pays upwards of $30 per hour on average – plus tips. On-demand moving is here to stay.

If it’s something that interests you, then sign up today. One fantastic on-demand moving company that you should consider working for is:

  • Dolly – Connects customers with local, reliable, safe movers for local pickups and deliveries
  • Bellhops – Connects customers who need things moved with smiling college students who are keen to do heavy lifting

Dolly rocks, but there are other on-demand moving companies too. It might be worth applying to be a mover for all of them. Lugg, Bellhops, and Dolly are all great options. One benefit of the shared economy is that you can work for more than one company, which means you can select the best paying gigs when it’s convenient for your schedule.

To find an on-demand moving job, you’re going to need to be in shape. The bulk of the job is lifting and moving large, heavy, awkward objects. Be sure that you can lift upwards of 75 pounds repeatedly if you want this job. It might also be wise to invest in a sturdy pair of shoes.

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Most on-demand moving companies require their independent contractors to pass a background check, go through training, and have an interview before they can start accepting moving gigs. This is pretty standard operating procedure for all shared economy companies. Visit the on-demand moving company’s website to find out the exact requirements.

Once you’re accepted, it’s time to get to work, but only if you feel like it. With an on-demand moving job, you can work as much or as little as you want to work. The more things you move, the more money you’re going to make. Just check your smartphone for the latest jobs and accept the gigs you want to take.

On-demand moving is a simple concept that people love. It’s an affordable way for customers to get their things moved. As a shared economy mover, it’s rewarding to help your neighbors – especially when you make a solid hourly rate with a flexible job. With on-demand moving, everybody wins.

Are you ready to become an on-demand mover?

Find On-Demand Moving Jobs With These Shared Economy Companies:

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