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Get Paid To Host Dinners That You Prepare With EatWith

Mealtimes are the original social network. Delicious food brings people together, but conversations create lasting relationships. Now you can get the best of both worlds with EatWith.

EatWith provides a social dining experience by connecting hungry diners with high-quality chefs for home-cooked meals. These dining events take place in the chef’s personal home or at exclusive private venues where the chef personally prepares delicious culinary creations that are enjoyed by everyone sharing the table.

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Everyone enjoys a good meal, right? Would you enjoy Fried Ravioli, Ligurian Flatbread, Lombardy-Styled Shrimp and grits, Cotoletta ala Milanese, and 64% Cacao Chocolate & Siracha Gelato for dinner? Or how about Mezcal Cocktails, Green Ceviche, Authentic Guacamole, and Pibil Montaditos for your next meal? EatWith matches you with chefs who create meals like this on a regular basis. And you can enjoy these tasty creations with just a few clicks of your mouse. Are your taste buds watering yet?

EatWith combines fine dining and social networking. There is no need to head to a busy restaurant to enjoy a pricy meal. Instead, visit or use the EatWith app on iOS devices to browse for upcoming meals in your area that appeal to you. Browse these dining events by location, chef, and other criteria. Once you find a meal that looks appetizing you can explore the meal more in-depth. Learn the story behind the menu, group size, duration, cuisine options, alcohol, venue, and pricing. If you’re keen to join, sign up, and pay online.

Most events take place at a chef’s home where guests can get to know the chef and learn the stories behind the meal, but there are also options to book private chefs at private venues too. Typically the chef will design the menu, cook the food, and host a hungry group of strangers for a meal where they can enjoy new recipes, share a table, and make connections. It’s a cool opportunity that food lovers around the world are eagerly embracing.

Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz founded EatWith in 2012. This shared economy company is based in San Francisco, California where it works with a worldwide network of over 500 chefs who host dinner parties in over 150 different cities. It’s the ideal way for people to meet chefs, enjoy quality meals, and create lasting relationships.

As the social dining world continues to grow, EatWith is actively seeking new hosts to cook delicious meals. They are keen to hire both amateur and professional chefs who are willing to create custom menus and host dinners in their homes. Apply online to become an EatWith host. EatWith will screen all hosts/chefs to ensure that they can create quality meals and exclusive experiences.

Hosts set the prices for the meals that they cook. Meals tend to range from $35 to $50 per guest per meal and tip is already included. A group could consist of up to 12 people. The chef must factor in the costs of food, time, and the 15% fee that EatWith takes from each transaction.

EatWith is an excellent opportunity for both up and coming and professional chefs. Many chefs work part-time when they choose to work. But there are chefs who are booked for weeks in advance and have turned EatWith into a full-time career. Either way, it’s a fantastic opportunity for both beginners and pros.

EatWith is a shared economy company where everyone benefits. Hosts have a flexible job where they are paid to do what they love in the comfort of their own home. Guests are able to enjoy delicious food, network with other diners, and get a personalized dining experience. EatWith makes a small commission from every transaction. Everyone walks away smiling.

If you’re a food lover you need to try EatWith. You’ll enjoy quality food from personable chefs and you’ll get to interact with new people on a regular basis. If you’re a chef, sign up to be an EatWith host and share your culinary talents with the world.

Everyone needs to take advantage of EatWith. This is social dining at its finest.

Quick Facts About EatWith

Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Provides a social dining experience by connecting hungry diners with high-quality chefs for home-cooked meals
Host Requirements: Cooking skills, Hosting ability, Background Check
Pay: Determined by price of meal and how many meals hosted

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