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Whether you’re relocating across town, moving furniture, clearing out storage units, or getting something delivered, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come and do the heavy lifting and moving for you? There’s an app for that. It’s called Dolly.

Dolly provides local on-demand moving services. The business utilizes the shared economy business model to connect consumers with strong, local, reliable movers. The public loves it, workers are thrilled, and the company is exploding. So far, Dolly is another successful addition to the shared economy.

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Dolly can move just about anything, anytime, anywhere. Their on-demand moving services are convenient, hassle-free, affordable, and easy to use. This community-building business makes everyone happy. Let’s take a closer look at how Dolly operates:

When a customer needs something moved, they open the Dolly app on their iOS or Android device. The customer provides details about what needs to be moved and then selects dates, times, and locations. The app generates an instant price quote based on distance, item count, and details – the minimum price is $30. If this is acceptable, the customer posts the moving request and waits for a response.

A Dolly Helper will accept the request if they so choose. If they don’t, someone else will. Any additional coordination efforts are handled through the app. Then at the prearranged time and location, the Dolly Helper arrives in their vehicle to load, haul, and deliver the customer’s items to the destination.

Once the Dolly move is completed, both parties rate each other helping to build their Dolly reputation. Finally, the customer pays and tips through the app. For playing matchmaker, providing the infrastructure, and insuring the move, Dolly takes a commission from each transaction. It’s an ideal business model that works great for everyone.

Chad Wittman, Michael Howell, Jason Norris, and Kelby Hawn founded Dolly in 2013. Based in Seattle, Washington, Dolly is one of the top on-demand moving companies in the shared economy. It’s currently thriving in cities like Chicago and Seattle. Dolly hopes to see growth to cities like San Diego, Denver, Salt Lake City, and beyond in the near future. You can even request to have Dolly start operating in your city on their website.

Wherever Dolly expands to there will be an eager workforce of muscle-bound, physically fit workers ready to move anything. These local, friendly, reliable, and safe movers are the key to Dolly’s success. These movers share the responsibility of the on-demand moving market and help Dolly complete thousands of successful moves every year.

To become a Helper for Dolly, apply online as a “Helper” or as “Hands.” Helpers have a pickup truck, box truck, or cargo van and can lift over 75 pounds. Hands have no vehicle, can lift over 75 pounds, and are eager to assist Helpers. Moving large, awkward objects is usually a team activity so both Helpers and Hands are needed to get the job done.

Everyone who is an independent contractor with Dolly needs to have a smartphone with a data plan, pass a background check, and be physically fit. If you meet the requirements, sign up immediately because Dolly offers the ultimate flexible gig.

Like other shared economy businesses, Dolly allows workers to pick and choose when they want to work. Helpers only have to accept gigs when it’s convenient for them. The more they work, the more they make. Most Dolly workers use Dolly to supplement their income or as another income stream from the shared economy market.

Dolly claims that Helpers and Hands will make $30 per hour on average. How does that compare to your day job? Working when you want, being your own boss, and earning a good hourly rate is pretty fantastic. Workers are paid weekly for the previous week’s work. Wages are set upfront and most customers add on a healthy gratuity on top of the hourly rate.

Are you ready to lift, load, and deliver? Sign up for an on-demand moving job with Dolly. It’s one of the best opportunities out there.

Quick Facts About Moving Gigs Dolly

Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Description: Connect customers with local, reliable, safe movers for local pickups and deliveries
Mover Requirements: Background check, physically fit
Pay: $30 per hour on average

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