PurpleDinner (Status: Out of Business)

Enjoy An Authentic Meal In Someone’s Home With PurpleDinner

UPDATE: PurpleDinner has closed their business

A PurpleDinner is a meal that is enjoyed in someone’s home. We can all agree that there’s something satisfying about a home-cooked meal. But how can you find an authentic meal while you’re traveling? That’s what PurpleDinner specializes in.

PurpleDinner connects diners and hosts for authentic, tasty meals that can be enjoyed in someone’s home. It’s the ultimate social experience where everyone is encouraged to open their doors and share a meal so that people of different cultures can meet and interact. PurpleDinner helps travelers find welcoming locations around the world to enjoy a home-cooked meal when they are on the road.

Spanish Tapas Meal Sharing Meal

Anyone who has traveled can appreciate the concept of PurpleDinner. There’s nothing like sitting down at the dinner table and enjoying the luxury of a home-cooked meal and engaging in quality conversation with interesting people. PurpleDinner alleviates the headaches of locating a restaurant, paying for food, and dealing with the hustle and bustle of tourist life. Instead, PurpleDinner makes mealtimes enjoyable again.

Both diners and hosts enjoy the PurpleDinner experience. It’s an unconventional way to share knowledge about food, culture, and life over an enjoyable dinner where you can meet new people, share a warm meal, and experience culture. Eating dinner with a local is a real treat, but being welcomed into someone’s home is a unique travel experience that diners will remember for a long time.

Gregory Taff, Marsil Andjelov Al-Mahamid, and John-Fredrik Solberg founded PurpleDinner in 2014. This shared economy dining business is headquartered in Tromso, Norway – a small town north of the Arctic Circle. The idea of PurpleDinner has quickly gained popularity and now has a network of diners and hosts in over 80 countries. Are you ready to join this social dining network?

Both diners and hosts can log in to PurpleDinner.com to create a free profile. The application asks questions about dining preferences, personal questions, and other information to ensure that a good match is made. Once in the system, it’s all about making connections and sharing meals.

Diners can search for hosts and contact them to see if they are willing to have a meal. There are no commitments and no obligations. PurpleDinner is totally flexible. If hosts and diners do agree to meet up, arrangements are made, times are set, and payments are negotiated. The host determines all prices and they can range from a free meal to a bottle of wine to a small profit.

Meals are designed and created by the host. They can range from simple Mac and Cheese to homemade enchiladas to perfectly designed ice cream. These dining experiences can be a chance to explore new recipes or an opportunity to simply enjoy the experience and culture of a local home. That’s the beauty of a PurpleDinner.

PurpleDinner is truly about the cultural experience, making connections, and sharing a meal. All services are free. There are no fees. Hosts might be able to earn a few bucks and guests may be able to save a few bucks, but nothing more. Hosts are free to charge whatever price they choose. Often a meal leads to other add-ons like tours of the city, overnight stays, or fun activities. The meal is often just a launchpad to a long-term friendship.

Beyond sharing a meal, PurpleDinner also allows members to connect online via webcams to share a meal, exchange recipes, or give a cooking tutorial. PurpleDinner is taking advantage of the fact that much of life is centered around meals. By capitalizing on this they are helping people to connect, interact, and experience life.

Next time you’re hungry, login to PurpleDinner to see if you can find a host who’s willing to feed you. There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal with good company.

Quick Facts About PurpleDinner

Status: Out of Business

Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Tromso, Norway
Description: Connects diners and hosts for authentic, tasty meals that can be enjoyed in someone’s home
Diner/Host Requirements: Apply online for free membership
Pay: Free

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