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Status: Out of Business

Moving has always been a pain. Until now. Ghostruck makes moving simple, affordable, and efficient. This cool company is changing the moving industry one move at a time. They work with movers to fill their empty or partially filled trucks and allow costumers to only pay for the items that they need moved. It’s revolutionizing the moving industry.

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Ghostruck connects professional, licensed, insured, and local movers with people who need things moved. This on-demand moving service offers fixed prices – not estimates or quotes – for all of your moving needs. Ghostruck is essentially a “moving concierge” that can move big and small items from point A to point B. They offer a convenient, hassle-free, and on-demand moving service that people love.

“Ghostruck” is an industry term for an empty truck that’s completed its job. According to a Ghostruck press release, approximately 1/4 of all moving trucks on the road are completely empty and almost half have extra room. Ghostruck’s goal is to fill the empty and extra spaces in those moving trucks. The outcome is a win for everyone.

Ghostruck makes money by organizing the logistics, infrastructure, and technology required to make this business model work. Customers get lower-priced, flat cost moves because they only pay for what they are moving. Movers get to maximize their efficiency and make more money. It’s a pretty perfect business model.

Matt Hocking and Nathanael Nienaber founded Ghostruck in 2013. Based in Seattle, Washington, Ghostruck has grown quickly across the US. It now operates in major markets like Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Austin, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland. Ghostruck is keen to expand to even more markets in the future.

Here’s how Ghostruck works: Customers download the Ghostruck app on Android or iOS devices. They enter the details of the items they need moved including the quantity, description, and a photo. They enter a pickup and delivery address, their moving timeframe, and other pertinent information.

Ghostruck supplies the customer with an exact, fixed price based on the size of the item, distance, and time. If the price is right, the customer books the move and the Ghostruck app processes the payment via credit card.

On the day of the move, a Ghostruck mover will contact you via text message with their moving timeframe. Ghostruck movers will only move items. They do not pack, ship, assemble, or do anything else. They are moving specialists and this is where they excel.

Ghostruck can even “make it disappear.” If a customer has old junk that they no longer need or want, Ghostruck can transport those goods to Salvation Army or Goodwill. If it involves moving items, Ghostruck can take care of it.

Ghostruck partners with Movers, Residences, and Retail shops for moving and deliver services. They make the connections with customers so you don’t have to. Then you can accept and manage all jobs in-app that fit into your busy schedule. When you complete a move, Ghostruck pays you for the work that you completed. It’s the perfect way to grow your moving business.

To partner with Ghostruck as a mover, you need to have your own moving company that is professional, licensed, and insured. If you meet those criteria, apply online. Once you are accepted you can start accepting moving jobs when you want. There are no obligations and payments are secure.

Ghostruck has a steady supply of moving work. Pay varies based on the items that you move. The more things you move, the more money you make. Ghostruck is the perfect way to fill your truck when you’re already on the go. Now it’s easy to use Ghostruck to earn extra income from your already established business.

If you’re a professional mover, grab your smartphone and join the Ghostruck fleet of movers. This is your chance to find guaranteed work and the opportunity to grow your moving business.

Quick Facts About Ghostruck

Status: Out of Business

Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Description: Connects professional, licensed movers with clients who need things moved.
Mover Requirements: Licensed, Insured, Moving business
Pay: Varies based on items moved.

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