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***In 2017, DogVacay was acquired by Rover. Learn more about Rover here.***

When you head out of town, what do you do with your dog? Download the DogVacay app and you’ll be able to find an affordable, professional dog lover who will take care of your dog for you.

DogVacay is a peer-to-peer pet sitting business that utilizes the shared economy business model to connect dog owners with pet sitters who provide pet services such as day care, walking, boarding, grooming, and other tasks. It’s basically a huge community of dog lovers – or some people call it “AirBNB for dogs.”

When people go out of town they want to ensure that their canine friend is taken care of. Instead of dropping the dog at an expensive kennel, DogVacay provides able and willing dog lovers who open up their home to your pet. Both dog owners and pet sitters love it.

Aaron Hirschhorn and Karine Nissim Hirschhorn founded DogVacay in 2012. Since it’s inception, this peer-to-peer pet sitting marketplace is thriving. The dog-friendly offices of DogVacay are located in Santa Monica, California. From there, DogVacay plays matchmaker for dog owners and pet sitters in both the United States and Canada.

To become a pet sitter, or “host,” for DogVacay, sign up online. DogVacay will screen your application. Once you are approved, you will officially be an independent contractor for DogVacay. Set up your online profile to let pet owners know about your services, rates, credentials, property, types of dogs, and your schedule. Include photos to help paint a picture of why you are the perfect pet sitter.

After your profile goes live, sit back and wait for dog owners to find you. When a dog owner needs a pet sitter, they can go online or on their mobile device to search for a pet sitter by zip code or location. They can then browse through all the hosts in the area and pick the best one for their dog’s unique personality.

Once they select a pet sitter, details are coordinated via the app, and the dog is dropped off or picked up before the owner leaves town. There’s no stress involved because the owner knows they left their furriest family member in good hands.

DogVacay makes it easy to enjoy your vacation or trip because you can relax knowing your dog is safe, secure, and loving life. Plus, DogVacay makes it easy for pet sitters to send daily photo updates to owners – a luxury that not many kennels offer.

When the dog is picked up, the owner and the host have an opportunity to review each other online to help boost their DogVacay reputation.

DogVacay handles all monetary transactions, offers 24/7 customer support, and provides pet insurance. For aspiring pet sitters, DogVacay also provides online training, how-to guides, and a user friendly website.

In exchange for the infrastructure and superb matchmaker abilities, DogVacay takes a 15% to 20% commission for every transaction. Pet sitters are paid one day after the boarding is completed via PayPal or by check. Pet sitters usually charge between $15 and $100 per day for boarding plus they may charge for additional services like walking, training, bathing, grooming, pick-ups, drop-offs, or day care.

It’s fun to make money when you get to play with adorable dogs. Most DogVacay pet sitters make $800 to $1200 per month. During the holidays, it’s easy to pull in $3,000 per month. Up the number of dogs you are willing to watch and you can make even more. It’s possible to over $100,000 as a pet sitter!

DogVacay is the perfect, flexible side job where you are essentially running your own pet sitting business, creating your own loyal clientele, and crafting the perfect work life balance that you’ve always craved. It’s the ideal job for any dog lover.

What could be better than getting paid to give belly rubs, supervise play time, and provide a safe, comfortable, and cozy home for a fun loving dog?

Tens of thousands of people are already working as pet sitters in North America – why aren’t you?

***In 2017, DogVacay was acquired by Rover. Learn more about Rover here.***

Quick Facts About DogVacay

Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
Description: Connects dog owners with professional, affordable, and local pet sitters who provide a variety of pet services in the US and Canada
Pet Sitter Requirements: Screened By DogVacay, Dog Lover, Pet Sitting Experience
Pay: $800 to $1200 per month

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