Shuddle (Status: Out of Business)

UPDATE: Unfortunately in April 2016, Shuddle Closed Down its Operations

Life is hectic. It’s hard to juggle work, life, and play. Throw kids into the mix and it gets even crazier. Even the most organized parent has a hard time being everywhere that they need to be. If you need help transporting kids all over the city, Shuddle is here to help.

Shuddle is the ridesharing company for families. This safety-focused shared economy company offers scheduled rides, last-minute rides, and carpooling options for kids with a trained and vetted professional caregiver/driver. With Shuddle, parents can schedule their driving needs in advance so that their children can have a safe, comfortable, and timely ride to wherever they need to be.

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Nick Allen founded Shuddle in 2014. Based in San Francisco, California the company has plans to grow nationwide. By offering an efficient, safe, and affordable service, parents can relax knowing that a driver who is also a kid-expert is safely driving their child to their destination.

Here’s how Shuddle works: A parent creates an account and submits a ride request for their child by noon the day before the ride. Drivers can then accept the request if they choose too. The parties “meet” via the Shuddle app on iOS or Android. Both the parents and the children know who the driver is, what they look like, and what type of car they drive, which supplies a certain peace of mind.

At the predetermined pickup time and location, the driver shows up and picks up their passengers, who must check in with Shuddle via their phone in order to ride. Parents or guardians can follow the ride in real-time and receive text message updates. At the drop off point, the driver can help to check the child in and ensure they are safe and sound at their destination. Then the parents can leave feedback about the ride.

Shuddle’s business model is very similar to other rideshare companies, except it focuses on families and kids. Just like other shared economy businesses, everyone comes out ahead. Parents get a reliable and safe driver to transport their children. Drivers get paid for driving kids from point A to point B. Shuddle makes money by connecting vetted caregivers/drivers with busy parents.

Becoming a Shuddle driver may be the most rigorous of all rideshare job opportunities. Shuddle drivers must be kid-friendly experts with previous caregiving experience to be considered for the job. They also must go through an intense background check that includes fingerprinting, social security identity verification, criminal record checks, and DMV records.

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All aspiring Shuddle drivers must have a phone interview, two reference checks, and face-to-face driver training and orientation. Drivers supply their own newer model vehicle that must pass a 3rd party vehicle inspection to ensure safety.

After intense scrutiny, Shuddle uses state of the art technology to ensure the child’s safety at all times. Shuddle monitors all drivers’ behaviors to ensure they do not speed, violate traffic laws, text, make calls, or stop short. Every single ride is tracked via real-time GPS ride tracking. All child passengers must go through a password protected passenger check-in system when they get picked up and dropped off – and parents receive text messages along the way as verification.

Unlike some ridesharing companies, Shuddle has all of the necessary insurance to deal with kids as passengers. All children who ride on Shuddle need to be able to go places without parental supervision must be able to ride in a car without a booster seat and have a cell phone that has texting abilities.

Shuddle drivers can make $15 per hour on average. Pay is ultimately based on ride time, distance, and service provided. The best part of becoming a Shuddle driver is that you get to create your own schedule, work when you want to work, and get paid to drive kids around.

Every parent across the country can appreciate the benefits of Shuddle. Where else can they get kid-friendly rides and carpools by professional caregivers/drivers? Apply to be a Shuddle driver today.

Quick Facts About Shuddle

UPDATE: Shuddle Closed Down in April 2016
Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Description: Shuddle connects busy parents with caregivers/drivers for efficient and affordable child transportation options
Passenger Requirements: Passengers that don’t need parental supervision, do not need a booster seat, and have a cell phone
Driver Requirements: Intense background checks, Clean DMV record, Training/Orientation, Previous Caregiving experience
Vehicle Requirements: Newer model vehicle that passes 3rd party safety inspection

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