Ski Resort Employee Housing

Many ski bums say finding a place to live is the most difficult part of relocating to a ski town for the winter. Because the goal of most ski areas is to house and feed as many visitors as possible during the winter months, employee housing is often limited and expensive. Some resort employers provide or arrange housing for their workers; newcomers to the industry may want to target these companies when looking for a job.

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If the company you work for does not provide or arrange housing, there are a few places you can look. Checking the local newspaper for an ad or placing your own is always a good idea. Even if you don’t find a place to live this way, reading the local paper will give you an idea about the cost of living as well as other potential job sources. We have included the names and phone numbers of local newspapers in each ski area profile.

Some resort companies that do not provide employee housing do help new hires find a place to live by publishing a list of available rentals. The company’s personnel department may be able to direct you to a rental company or other sources of housing.

Another idea is to check bulletin boards around town. Many bars, grocery stores, post offices, and even laundromats allow those who are looking for or offering housing to post notices on bulletin boards.

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Finally, one of the most valuable methods of finding housing is talking to other people. A waiter at a ski resort gives this advice:

    “The best way to find housing around here isn’t through advertisements, it’s through talking to people in social settings. Communication by word of mouth is more reliable here than putting an ad in the newspaper.”

Another ski bum agrees:

    “Go to the bars, go to the hangouts, and ask around. Probably 90 percent of the people in ski towns find housing that way. The other 10 percent probably read something on a bulletin board or in the newspaper.”

When looking for a place to live, do not go with the first room for rent you see. It’s smart to look around, price rooms, and check them out. There’s a big difference in price for rooms for rent on the mountain compared to those in town or those ten to twenty miles away. Accommodations away from the resort itself can range from $100 to $200 cheaper.

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