The showcase for the National D-Team and for all the elite ski instructors from around the world is Interski. Although it doesn’t receive anywhere near the publicity of an Olympic event, Interski attracts National D-Team members and officials from all the alpine nations’ ski schools for one week every four years. The event is an opportunity for the best and the brightest to flaunt their stuff, exchange ideas, and schmooze. The highlight of Interski is the synchronized skiing demonstrations presented by each of the national teams, much like the aerial displays put on by the Navy Blue Angels. Routines are choreographed and rehearsed on a par with most ballet companies, except these routines are performed at between twenty and forty miles per hour!

Ski Instructor Leading Youth Students during Ski School Lesson

Although beholden to a hectic schedule, D-Team members enjoy world travel, endorse products, and garner national recognition and publicity. Despite the high profile of the D-Teams and the advanced performance and technical opportunities open to the best skiers, many excellent instructors are not necessarily the best skiers. These individuals may find exciting and meaningful involvement in one or more of the committees within PSIA’s divisional structure. Often, participation at this level entails many volunteer hours. Nevertheless, active involvement in divisional affairs can help firm up an instructor’s resume and enhance her appeal as a potential ski school director or assistant director.

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