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Alta Ski Resort & Snowbird Ski Area Profile
Winter Activities
Summer Activities
Alta Ski Resort & Snowbird Ski Area Employment

Alta Ski Resort & Snowbird Ski Area Profile

Alta is grouped with Snowbird as a destination resort, both because Alta makes up in intermediate terrain what Snowbird lacks, and because the ski areas are within one mile of each other. Snowbird also has more amenities than Alta. The focus at Alta is skiing, rather than on lodging, shops, and restaurants. Alta has a cozy feel, enhanced by the friendliness of the locals and staff.

Winter Activities

Alta is noted for some of the best and most consistent snow conditions in the world, receiving at least 500 inches of white stuff each year. There is a large beginner’s slope to master before navigating more intermediate terrain. No real runs exist at Alta; rather, skiers are encouraged to find creative ways to descend the hill. There is no cross-country skiing in the area because the surrounding terrain is too steep, and no snowboarding is allowed on the mountain.

Snowbird offers a lot of character and variety to skiers in its 2,500 skiable acres. It is known for its awesome powder and fast ascents. There is a total vertical drop of 3,240 feet. The area caters more toward experienced skiers and 50 percent or more of its runs are marked double black diamond. Beginners and intermediate runs make up the balance and, if skiers find Snowbird too difficult, they can trek to Alta and find a glorious amount of beginner and intermediate areas. Snowbird boasts some of the deepest powder helicopter skiing possible.

Strict laws govern outdoor activities at the resort because of its use as the Salt Lake City watershed area, so the next most popular activity is the spa, where guests can relax with a massage, sweat off pounds in the steam room, or work out. In April, Snowbird celebrates the rites of spring with a wine festival and other activities.

Summer Activities

Call the Chamber of Commerce for information on hiking, camping, mountain biking, fishing, rafting, swimming, and horseback riding. Also, be sure to visit nearby Dinosaur National Monument in Dinosaur, Colorado, (303) 374-2216, for fossil displays and plenty of outdoor recreation.

Snowbird & Alta Après-ski

The only nightlife at Alta is created by the guests in the privacy of their own condos or hotel rooms, or the one bar at the mountain’s lodge. Most people buy food at the grocery store and eat in; however, there are a few places to go for good food and a relaxed atmosphere. The Albion Day Lodge and Goldminer’s Daughter are both located at the base of the mountain.

The nightlife at Snowbird is more exciting than at Alta, but by other standards it is still pretty quiet. On the mountain, Aerie has elegant dining, jazz music, and dancing. The Tram Club at the mountain base has fun for the twenty-one-and -up crowd. The next best bet for activity is in Salt Lake City, if a car or bus is available.

Transportation to Snowbird & Alta Ski Resorts

The Utah Transit Authority offers rides to and from Salt Lake City and to Snowbird. Amtrak and Trailways both stop in Salt Lake City. Employers often provide bus passes for employees. The Utah Transit Authority services Snowbird, Alta, and its environs. Most lodges and restaurants are close to the slopes.

Alta is located twenty-five miles southeast of Salt Lake City on State Highway 210. Salt Lake City International Airport is thirty miles from the ski resort. Taxis and rental cars are available at the airport, as are the Utah Transit Authority buses from Salt Lake City.

Alta & Snowbird Employee Housing

Some lodges in the Alta area provide housing for resort employees. Accommodations resemble dormitory-style housing with two or more people to a room. These are very limited opportunities, so the most likely place to find accommodations is in the Salt Lake Valley, about twenty minutes away from the ski area. Be prepared to spend some time looking for an apartment if necessary.

Alta Ski Resort & Snowbird Ski Resort Employment

Applicants to Snowbird are taken on a first-come, first-served basis in person at the resort. For more information, call the Employment Office at Snowbird, (801) 943-2243, or at Alta, (801) 742-3333. Approximately 200 employees are hired for the winter season in Alta and over 1,800 are hired for Snowbird.

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