Who Works at Ski Resorts?

No matter what your background there’s probably a job waiting for you at one of the many ski resorts throughout the continent. That means that people with different skills, employment requirements, and interests work at ski resorts.

Typically, though, ski area workers fall into three categories:


The bulk of ski jobs are ideal for students because most resort areas don’t require a lengthy commitment. Although the busy ski season is winter when students are typically in school, it’s possible for a student to arrange to take winter quarter off school and make up the time during summer. Furthermore, many ski resort employers don’t require extensive experience or education for seasonal hires.

Ski Bums

The seasonal, temporary nature of many ski area positions makes them especially suited to those who are willing to do what it takes to ski as much as possible. Some ski bums might visit a ski resort one winter and end up staying ten years. Others might make the rounds of ski resorts throughout the continent or even the world, settling somewhere new each winter. Many ski resort workers are making a career change, taking a break from their office jobs, or just drawn to the lifestyle.

Skilled Career Employees

Resorts are also the domain of career hospitality workers. Year-round jobs might include those in hotel management, human resources, marketing, or other corporate departments. Many seasonal workers who had never considered a career in the hospitality business end up enjoying their jobs so much that they decide to stay on permanently.

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