Clerical Support Jobs

If there is any place where a lot of records are made and filed on a regular basis, it is in the offices of an airport. Everything gets recorded somewhere, and this means that there must be people to help keep up with the paperwork.

Clerical Support Jobs are an Integral Part of the Airline Industry

Of course, typing is not all that is involved, but phone work, and operating office equipment will certainly be a part of the job.

There are many different offices in any larger airport, and the exact requirements for a specific clerical support job will vary with the airport, the office and the particular airline involved. Having experience with various software programs will be helpful in getting most clerical jobs. Clerical and office support positions abound in the air industry. In many airports clerical support is the second largest hiring department. Part-time jobs may also be available. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects rapid growth in the next few years of both commercial and cargo flights, which is sure to increase the demand for more clerical support jobs.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an individual providing clerical support at an airport will be varied. It will depend on the airport, the office that hires them and the task or tasks that they are expected to fulfill. As is true with most offices, the work may include filing, typing, bookkeeping, and answering phones. In addition, they will probably be operating various kinds of office machines such as a computer, a fax machine, a copier, and a computer printer.

Did You Know? People for clerical support jobs are almost the most commonly hired individuals at an airport.

Every airport also has need of computer operators and people to maintain their computer network. This is what keeps the airport in operation. Having experience in various computer systems, and IT, will help you get a job in this needy area.

Job Requirements for Airline Clerical Support Jobs

Airport jobs that are basically clerical in nature will usually have a typing speed requirement. You may also be required to maintain personnel files, Flight Operations and Inflight files, files on employee drug testing, bulletin boards, and more. In some cases, you may be required to do some lifting, which may include boxes of files, incoming office supplies and equipment, etc.

You will also need to adjust to possibly rapidly changing situations in the office where there are deadlines, priorities, and multiple projects. You may need to work odd hours at times, which may include evenings, weekends, holidays, and being on-call. Candidates for clerical support jobs at an airport will need to be fluent in English, and some may be required to be bilingual. You will be required to pass a TSA criminal background check, get a security identification badge, and you may need to have good credit, too.

At some airports, a baggage handler may also be considered a clerical support job. This is because you must be able to receive and document on computer all luggage or cargo that comes in. This job would also require that you be able to lift up to 70 pounds regularly. A baggage handler may also be expected to perform other types of tasks, too. This may include jobs such as cleaning the aircraft, helping with de-icing, fueling, driving luggage carts, and more.

Training and Degrees

Qualifications depend on the position, but applicants should have from one year of work experience and typing ability to an undergraduate college degree. Clerks must be able to keep a neat, organized work area, and perform a variety of tasks, sometimes on a deadline. Depending on the position, clerks may need additional skills or training in math, accounting, word processing, or customer service.

Most airports will often provide some training. This may be limited to specific tasks within the office, such as office guidelines. The starting salary will be between minimum wage and up to about $20 per hour for more experienced personnel. Some airlines also hire students on an internship program if you are currently enrolled in either undergraduate or graduate programs. Temporary workers are also hired at some airports when permanent employees go on vacation, have a leave of absence, or if there are emergency workloads at the airport.

Salary and Benefits

Temporary workers receive limited benefits, but full-time clerks receive excellent benefits. It will usually include medical benefits, flight privileges, vacation pay and much more. The average starting pay for clerical support jobs is from minimum wage to about $13 per hour.

Quick Summary of Airline Clerical Support Employment:

  • Every airport has need for clerical personnel.
  • Clerks may be required to be bi-lingual.
  • Clerks at an airport often have other responsibilities that may involve lifting baggage.
  • Airport clerks have opportunity for advancement.


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