Airport Security Screener Jobs


Security screeners must screen all passengers and carry-on luggage. They are responsible for passenger safety and detection of potential trouble at security checkpoints located before the boarding gate areas in all airport terminals.

Airport Security Screening is an Important Part of Keeping Flights Safe

Most checkpoint stations have at least two or three employees working on one staff, with one person monitoring the x-ray equipment used to scan the carry-on items, another to make sure the walkthroughs are going smoothly, and a third person to utilize hand-held metal detectors to scan passengers and to physically inspect the baggage, if necessary. Screeners do not have the power to arrest suspects, but must coordinate with airport police during any criminal occurrences. Learn more about being a security screener by visiting the TSA jobs page in this section.


These are entry-level jobs, requiring only a high school diploma. All training is provided on the job, although most new hires will have to take a 12-hour instructional class. Applicants should also be at least 18 years of age and be able to communicate in English. Good customer skills are a plus. Advancement to management positions is possible. Airports usually contract out for checkpoint security. As such, the most effective method of finding a position is to visit a checkpoint station directly where applications are usually kept on hand. Average starting salary: minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, depending on the location of the airport.

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