Airline Information Rep Jobs

Airports can be large and busy places, and unless you have been there before, it would not be difficult to get lost and possibly miss your plane.

Airline Information Reps Help Passengers Through the Abundance of Information Available

Also known as special assistant coordinators, airport informational representatives are hired through the airport. The main responsibility of these representatives is to assist passengers in the terminal with general questions regarding direction, terminal services, or wheelchair access.

The actual duties and titles of this type of position may vary from one airline to the next. These individuals are there at the airport to interact with and assist those with special needs. They put on a friendly face to help people who are in a hurry and don’t have a clue where to go for whatever it is that they need or want. The outlook for this type of job is good because the number of passengers traveling by air is expected to greatly increase in the next few years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Duties of an Informational Representative

The primary duties of an informational rep are to assist people with various needs – many times by phone. This may include simply providing them with directions to specific airlines or airline gates, helping them with their baggage, and directing them to wheelchairs. They may also help them with fare information, help them with medical assistance, and generally serve as a customer representative. Handling complaints is another responsibility.

Did You Know? The payroll alone for the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport is in the $8 billion range.

Since they are employees of particular airlines, they will wear the uniform of the company, and are expected to be well-groomed at all times. They will probably be assigned to a desk, and also may help the airline ticket agent. Answering phone calls as needed is another task they perform, and they will also verify ticket information and fares. In many situations, they will be required to be bi-lingual and will assist people who speak specific foreign languages. In some cases, they may be working at a call center.

Requirements of an Informational Rep

Each airline will have their own requirements and training. Informational reps will be required to keep up with mandatory training and development of skills. Their job may also require standing for hours. They will be interacting with people all day, and they will need to have good customer service skills. It will be necessary to calm down possibly irate passengers and helping them to resolve any issues they may have relating to services or luggage. You will need to be able to read, write, and speak English in a clear voice. You must be able to understand the manuals that cover how you should respond to different issues.

Qualifications of an Information Rep

The basic requirements for an information rep are minimal, but may also vary from one airline and airport to another. International airports are more likely to expect new hires to be multi-lingual, and helping people of foreign languages may be their sole responsibilities during peak hours. Excellent communication abilities are needed, and you will be helping many people on the phone.

Most representatives are entry-level and are required to have a high school diploma or GED, good customer service skills, and a professional attitude and outlook. Those who will be translating need to know at least two foreign languages. They may often be hired at 18. Some college may be preferred at larger airports. Experience as a customer representative may also be preferred because you will constantly be helping people.

Salary and Benefits

Salary will depend on experience and abilities. Average starting salary is typically between minimum wage and $15 per hour, although some airlines may pay more. Job benefits for an airline informational representative are numerous and would be in line with what other airline employees receive. It will most likely include sick pay and vacation pay, comprehensive medical, dental and other insurance plans, a retirement plan, flexible spending accounts, and more. Some airlines may also offer such benefits as travel discounts, savings plans for education, stock purchasing plans, and more.

An information rep may be hired on a seasonal basis. They should also expect to work any shift since airports are often open around the clock.

Quick Summary of Airline Information Rep Employment

  • An airline information rep is an entry-level position.
  • Being able to speak a foreign language is desired.
  • Work may be performed at call center.
  • Excellent benefits are available.
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