Customer Service Representative Jobs

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) either work on the phone, or at the desk. Sales and Service CSRs receive phone calls from customers who are trying to make reservation with the airline, or who have questions about schedules, fares and a wide range of other topics.

Customer Service Representatives are Ready to Help Passengers With All their Questions and Concerns

They use the company’s computer system to book reservations, and they are responsible for providing a positive customer service experience.

Airport CSRs work at the ticket counter or at the gates, and they have the primary face-to-face interaction with the traveling public. Airport CSAs handle the whole flight experience from the time the traveler arrives at the airport to the time they board the plane. Their jobs include tagging passenger baggage, greeting customers, explaining check-in kiosks, answering questions, dealing with special requests, and making sure passengers board safely. This job requires continual face-time with customers who are often tired, stressed, and sometimes irritable. CSRs also have the job of telling these travelers when their flight has been delayed, and announcing that a flight is overbooked, which means asking volunteers to accept a later flight.

CSRs also assist customers by using technology to help find desirable seats, and they resolve customer complaints and problems, all while remaining calm and professional and keeping a smile on their face.

Requirements: High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent education. Must be at least 18 years of age, authorized to work in the U.S, able to obtain a SIDA badge and meet all local airport requirements and meet TSA’s security requirements.

Pay: Pay varies depending on airline and prior experience, but for entry-level positions, it averages about $12 per hour.

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