Airline Lineperson Jobs

A Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is an individual or company that provides various services or products to an airport.

Airport Ground Work is Essential to Making Sure Flights Take Off on Time

This will include things like the fueling of aircraft, airframe, engine, or instrument repairs, the sale of avionics, flight training and ground school, or even make aircraft available for air taxis and charter flights. In order to carry out their tasks at an airport, the FBO will hire people known as airline linepersons. The larger the FBO and airport, the more airline lineperson jobs are created.

Because airline lineperson jobs are so essential to the daily operation of the airport, you can be sure that this type of job will continue. People who are able to become airline linepersons and perform well can expect to be promoted.

Job Responsibilities

An individual working in this job can expect to perform a variety of duties. This will also vary with the size of the airport and the services that the FBO provides. This job may primarily involve working with corporate jets. It may include tasks such as meeting the aircraft as it lands, guiding them to parking spots (or to unloading spots and then towing the aircraft to a parking spot), helping pilots to make sure the aircraft is secure, and assisting pilots and passengers in any other way that may be needed. Fueling aircraft and servicing them with oxygen, oil, and more as needed is also another task of an airline lineperson. They must also notify the pilot or owners of any potential problems that they spot while servicing the aircraft.

Making transportation (car rentals), catering, and other arrangements for pilots and crew is another task that they may perform for the FBO. At some airports, it may be their responsibility to drive a shuttle for the pilots and crew to restaurants, hotels, and to and from the airport.

Job Requirements

Lineperson jobs are entry level positions and there usually are not any specific requirements, other than being healthy, interested in aircraft, and able to work outside in any kind of weather. Most likely, you will also need to have a H.S. Diploma or a GED. Students are often hired to work part-time in the evening, on weekends, or in the summer. Larger airports will offer full-time positions, but may also have requirements of previous experience – possibly six months’ worth. You also may need to be willing to work flexible shifts, depending on the demand.

A lineperson needs to be social and positive, since they will be the face of the FBO to incoming pilots. At smaller airports, they will have more personal contact with air crews, and will also be expected to provide more personalized services.

Training and Degrees

A degree is usually not required for this position, but it could be important to have some work experience on your resume. However, going up the ranks to better paying jobs may have some requirements attached to them. At some airports, you may need a driver’s license because towing aircraft may be required.

It is probable that lineperson jobs are not going to be advertised – especially at small to medium-sized airports. You may just want to stop by the FBO office and see if they have a need for someone to fill this essential position. You will be more appealing to an FBO if you show your interest in aircraft by taking flying lessons, or if you are taking classes to earn an Airframes and Powerplants (A&P) license.

Salary and Benefits

The benefits will vary for this position depending on the size of the FBO company and airport. In some cases, where there is a larger FBO, the benefits will be comparable to other airport personnel. This may include health, dental, and life insurance, vacation pay and paid days off, retirement plans,
The salary for airline lineperson jobs generally range between minimum wage and up to about $20 per hour. This is a very good way to break into a career in aviation, and the experience will allow you to enter into a number of other fields in the industry.

Quick Summary of Airline Lineperson Employment:

  • Airline lineperson jobs are not usually advertised.
  • There are almost no requirements for this position – it is entry-level.
  • It is a great door often used to enter an airline career.
  • It is available to students interested in aviation.


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