Airline Flight Attendant Duties

Flight attendants are responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers during their flight. This job definition translates into a variety of duties and tasks.

Flight Attendants Play an Important Role While Planes are up in the Air

Airlines take flight attendants and the performance of their duties very seriously. At one time all flight attendants had to be registered nurses. Today, flight attendants are still primarily responsible for passenger safety, even without being nurses. They are in charge of any emergency procedures involving evacuations, crash landings, and severe turbulence, and are even responsible for administering first aid to passengers when needed. Incidentally, if you have ever thought about nursing as a career, then check out nursing jobs on JobMonkey!

Communicating with passengers is often the domain of the flight attendant. Attendants make most announcements on the plane related to such things as safety and emergency procedures, carry-on luggage, and flight transfer information. Attendants must make sure passengers follow all flight regulations, and enforce such regulations in a very pleasant manner. They also assist passengers in boarding and deplaning. This involves checking passenger tickets , assisting disabled passengers, answering questions, and helping passengers find empty seats.

All flight attendants must attend preflight briefings with the rest of the crew, where the captain informs them of weather conditions, special passenger needs, or any other concerns related to the flight. Then, before each flight, attendants must check all emergency equipment, the public address system, food and beverage supplies, and all passenger amenities, such as magazines, movies, blankets, and pillows.

Finally, depending on the length of flight and time of day, attendants are responsible for serving meals, snacks, and beverages during the flight.

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