Airport Fueler Jobs


The aircraft fueler operates the fueling equipment sometimes with the help of a driver.

Airport Fueling Jobs Require Constant Supervision Due to the Volatile Nature of the Fuel

Generally, the fueling process entails driving a truck filled with aviation fuel to a waiting aircraft where the fueler climbs onto the wings of the aircraft with the fuel hose in order to reach the fuel tank openings and fill the plane with fuel. Fuelers also assist in keeping the fuel trucks filled. Fuelers must work outdoors in all types of weather and conditions, and they must be efficient and punctual, since timing is essential to a smooth flight schedule. Fuelers are an important part of the ramp crew, insuring that aircraft have enough fuel to get where they need to go.

Job Qualifications

Fuelers do not necessarily need prior experience, since they will be trained on the job. There are rules and regulations the FAA requires fuelers to know, but they can often become certified through their employer, who must also be FAA certified. Some mechanical aptitude, such as being able to learn to operate machinery, is helpful, as is the ability to work in all types of weather conditions. Fuelers have an average starting salary of $10 to $15 per hour. It will be necessary to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for these positions.

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