Automobile Transport Driver Jobs

You’ve probably seen these types of trucks loaded down with brand new automobiles driving down the highway.

The cars are so new they still have the clean papers stuck to their hoods and roof so that they stay showroom fresh on their way to the car dealerships. The truck drivers who transport and deliver automobiles need to know about proper auto transport methods. Vehicles inside the trailer aren’t protected so much damage could occur during the trip without proper precautions.

Auto Transport Trailer Loaded with Cars Photo

The automobiles are held in place with chains, stays and locking bars that prevent the cars from moving and banging into one another. Even soft bumping can damage a vehicle over the long drive so the vehicles must be continuously checked to ensure they haven’t moved and that the safety stays are still in place. The truck driver needs to constantly check to make sure that the vehicles not only don’t hit up against each other but also don’t slip their safety stays and slide off the back of the trailer and into busy highway traffic. Companies who have a need for this type of truck driver will usually only accept those drivers who’ve had a lot of driving experience and who have a good to excellent safety record.

Some companies may only hire drivers who have specialized training for this type of cargo transport, or who agree to take a course to be certified to transfer this type of shifting cargo. Truck drivers who want to pursue this type of career in the industry should contact companies that specialize in this type of transport. Many of them have specialized course instructors on staff who will either ride along and check the driver’s qualifications or recommend the driver be enrolled in the company-sponsored course. The cost of this course is usually written off after the driver has worked a certain period of time for the company. This type of course sponsoring works well for both the company and the driver and is an industry standard where courses are concerned. An auto shipping career pays between $37,500 and $54,000 depending on the company worked for, the distance of the delivery routes and relative experience of the driver.

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