Dangerous Load Trucking Jobs

There are many different types of trucking jobs out there and depending on many factors, the pay scale is variable. If you drive a delivery truck around a city your salary will most likely be much less than someone who drives a big rig across the country. Some trucking jobs have a higher rate of pay because of the expertise and skill required to do the work.

Dangerous Trucking Jobs are Usually the Highest Paying

Dangerous load trucking jobs are some of the highest-paying truck driver jobs because of the volatility of some of the loads that must be carried. Petroleum products such as propane, butane and other flammable liquid gases must all be transported by specially-designed trucks that minimize any danger to the driver and the public at large. Special driver training is required so that the materials are all handled properly before, during and after transport. Many mining operations, for example, require special chemicals that are flammable, explosive or poisonous and necessary for them to extract, process and refine ores from the earth. These materials must all be transported by truck, in most cases.

FYI, if you find danger appealing then consider ice road trucking jobs and truck driver jobs in Iraq. Both topics are touched upon in this section.

By using the correct safety protocols the dangerous load trucking job is no different than any other trucking job. The material is completely safe to transport when proper handling methods are used. Truck drivers who want to specialize in this area, driving chemical trucks for instance, must be willing to take special training and regular upgrading courses that will allow them to safely transport these materials. For those drivers with the ability and training to transport dangerous goods, the salary can be substantially higher than regular trucking jobs. Generally the companies that have dangerous load trucking jobs will not hire drivers fresh out of trucking school. Also, most companies will want the drivers they hire for these positions to have updated HAZMAT training, as well as a very good driving record. Dangerous load truck drivers can expect to earn a higher salary than regular drivers with the average pay being between $35,000 and $50,000 annually. Most companies pay by the mile on long haul transportation with bonuses to the driver for early delivery at the destination. Because some dangerous cargo requires specialized trucks, companies also may pay more for extra training required to handle the larger vehicles.

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