Truck Mechanic Helper Jobs

Not every job in a trucking company requires a technician or mechanic’s degree. Some positions only require that the worker be hard-working, diligent and capable of doing the job.

Experience on the Job as a Truck Mechanic Helper can Translate to Other Industries Extremely Well

The mechanic’s helper, for example, does just that. By helping the mechanic to do a lot of the smaller jobs that really don’t require the expertise and experience of a technician, the helper is able to assist in many essential duties that are required during truck maintenance.

These positions generally have on-the-job training that can easily escalate to many other tasks and duties around the shop. This allows the worker to get a lot of very hands-on experience while performing many valuable duties, generally under the watchful eye of a diesel mechanic or maintenance manager. Mechanic’s helpers or service personnel, help to keep the trucking shop running smoothly, by moving vehicles in or out of the shop, washing them down or helping out with smaller tasks such as changing light bulbs or wiper blades on the trucks.

Mechanic’s helpers also make sure that onboard fire extinguishers are properly charged up and ready for service, that spare tires are always filled and ready for changing and that any spare parts needed for the shop mechanics are on hand and ready for use. Smaller repair jobs that don’t require technical skills or regulations, such as changing bulbs or wiper blades on the rigs, are perfect for the service personnel to handle. While this position doesn’t require special skills or training, the position can easily lead to more skilled positions such as diesel mechanic or professional truck driver.

Municipalities also hire Mechanic Helpers to assist diesel technicians with the upkeep of municipal bus fleets and other public transit systems. The typical hourly rate for Mechanic Helpers is $12.50 to $17.50 depending on many variables such as the company or municipality worked for and the amount of vehicles that need to be taken care of.

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