Jobs with Peterbilt Trucking

Peterbilt Trucking is one of the oldest truck manufacturers in the world. Since 1939, the company has worked hard to deliver services and products that improve customer performance and profitability while ensuring peace of mind due to the high quality of vehicle manufacturing.

The familiar Peterbilt red oval logo can be seen on highways, construction sites and rural logging roads and provides assurance that each vehicle is of the highest quality of performance and reliability. Many of the trucks manufactured by Peterbilt are custom made to exacting specifications provided by customers. The company has also been a leader in developing new innovations in both truck styles and comfort features to ensure that all drivers have a safe and comfortable work environment on the road.

Through the specially setup dealer network and the company’s TruckCare services, all customers are well taken care of when it comes to aftermarket parts and services for their Peterbilt vehicles. TruckCare provides a wide range of services including round the clock roadside assistance as well as scheduled and regular maintenance follow-ups that allow customers with vehicle fleets – as well as owner operators – to have the service checks they need to stay in business. The company’s mix of custom design and manufacturing as well as premium quality materials, allows for the best vehicles in the industry. The Peterbilt line of trucks reportedly has the highest preference rate of industrial vehicle among drivers and customers. Fleet owners often choose Peterbilt trucks because they know that the quality of the vehicles will attract drivers.

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Peterbilt Is a Leader In Environmental Responsibility

Peterbilt has a long history of producing high quality vehicles that appeal to its customers on many levels. In recent years, the company has moved towards ensuring that its manufacturing procedures – and the very trucks themselves – impact on the environment as little as possible. The company has achieved a great deal in a short time as it strives to lower the environmental impact that it has had on the environment.

Environmental issues are brought into the equation all the way through the design and manufacturing process. In some cases this means using materials which are recycled – and recyclable – so that there is little actual waste from the actual manufacturing process. In other cases it may mean that more innovation and consideration goes into the manufacture and design of vehicle engines to make them more energy efficient, in order to help conserve fuel.

The main environmental goal of the company is to have 97% of all waste produced at the offices and manufacturing plants diverted away from landfills through recycling programs.

The company employs many skilled laborers and trades people including assembly line workers ($39,500 annual salary), welders ($51,000-$64,000 annually), mechanics ($48,350 annual salary) and industrial electricians ($49,000-$53,000 annually), to name just a few.

Most positions in the automotive and trucking industries -including manufacturing plants – are union positions, so job security and wages are generally pretty secure. For more information on working for such an environmentally progressive company, you can check out the company’s website at

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