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In the world of big trucks there’s probably no icon more impressive – or recognizable – than the big bulldog sticking up from the hood of the vehicle as it barrels down the highways of the world.

Mack Trucks have an Iconic Bulldog on them

Mack Trucks have been leading the way in all types of material transport for well over a century. Back in 1900, the company was called Mack Brothers and consisted of a manufacturing shop that specialized in horseless carriages. It didn’t take long before the brothers were putting out their first motorized vehicles – which just happened to be designed for the transporting of goods across the country on the newly-completed networks of interstate roadways. The company moved its headquarters to Allentown, PA and changed its name to Mack Trucks in 1922.

During World War 1, the Mack Truck Company provided vehicles to the war effort. The British Army purchased many trucks from the company to help get much needed supplies, food and equipment to frontline troops. It wasn’t long before the soldiers starting calling the trucks ‘Bulldog Macks’ because of the vehicles’ blunt-nosed hood, durability and tenacity in the face of adversity – much like the British Bulldog, the country’s mascot. That icon has helped Mack become one of the most recognizable brands in the world of transportation. The company has continued its dedication to the military by designing and producing trucks specially-designed for the incredible conditions present in war zones around the world. It’s no coincidence that Mack Trucks can be found providing military ground transport in more countries around the world, than any other truck manufacturer. The Mack Bulldogs have conquered more daunting terrain than any other heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer.

World Leader in Transportation Solutions

Mack Trucks knows that innovation leads to success, and this is especially true where our customers are concerned. The Mack brand has been synonymous with high-quality performance and superior customer satisfaction for decades and the trucks the company manufactures today are just as innovative in performance and design as they’ve always been. The company is always looking for exceptional people who want to be a part of the innovation and quality that Mack represents around the world. The company offers excellent salary and benefits packages and a team-spirited workplace that can’t be beat. As a member of the Volvo Group of companies, employees have the potential to find lateral employment at many of the other companies in the group around the world.

The company currently employs over 4,200 people in their many offices around the world.
Mack utilizes the North American Institute for all the training it requires for its employees. The facility provides sales, service, warranty and parts training as well as more detailed training courses that cover such programs as dealer management skills and warranty personnel training. The institute is nationally ranked and has facilities in both the United States and Canada. Courses offer the latest technology and specialize in personal training with dedicated instructors who specialize in knowing every aspect of the industry. More information on careers with Mack can be found on their website.

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