Scania Group Careers

Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial vehicles located in Sweden. The company is well-known around the world for providing high quality and dependable vehicles to its many international customers.

Scania Group Works in a Wide Range of Countries

Founded in 1891 by Leif Ostling, the company has grown to incorporate over 34,000 employees. Of these, almost 2,500 of them are dedicated to the research and development branch of the company, charged with ensuring that the company stays at the top of their industry. Scania has operations in over 100 countries, with procurement detachments in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, China and of course, the United States. Manufacturing of Scania’s vehicles generally takes place in several areas throughout Northern Europe as well as Latin America.

The annual production of vehicles in a recent year included 66,510 trucks, 7.275 buses and 6,670 marine and industrial engines. Even with this high level of production, the largest portion of employees work in the company’s sales and service branches.

Strong Corporate Values and Quality

The company has as its philosophy three main tenets – Customer First, Respect for the Individual and Quality. This philosophy guides all areas of the company from research and development, through manufacturing and finally the sales and service aspects which the company takes great pride in. The goal of Scania is to provide their customers with the highest quality buses and trucks which will aid them in maintaining the best overall operating economy and profit line. This philosophy has allowed the company to become one of the leading European manufacturers within their industry. By utilizing a modular manufacturing system with a limited number of specific components, Scania has perfected the customization process for its customers while also keeping down costs of development and parts inventory systems.

Careers with Scania

Working for Scania offers many more diverse career choices that one might imagine. Positions in every department of the company are available with many career avenues that you may not have imagined would be part of a vehicle manufacturing company. Scania needs competent people to fill positions in all areas of the company including research and development, manufacturing, sales and service and parts management. There are also many more office positions available which will allow new employees to develop their business skills and training. Employees with Scania are also able to switch positions and broaden and develop existing skill levels.

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This allows employees to stay with Scania if they want to switch areas of expertise rather than having to go to another company to further develop their careers.

To begin the employment process with Scania, prospective employees are encouraged to send along applications that contain a personal letter of introduction, describing your interest in working for Scania and a brief background about your experience and education. Past employer letters as well as your CV should also be included in your application letter. If you’re including specific grades and other details from your educational background, they should be translated into Swedish in order to speed things along once your application is received by the company’s HR department. Each Scania division in each country is responsible for doing their own hiring of necessary personnel so that’s an important thing to keep in mind when applying for work. There’s no sense applying to a division in a foreign division of the company if you’re not prepared to work in that particular country. When applying, remember to keep any attachments sent through email to below 4MB.

Attachments larger than this will not be accepted by the company’s servers and will therefore not be attached to your application and you will have to begin the process again. The company website has a very well laid out careers section.

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