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One of the most innovative and forward-thinking transportation companies in the nation, Werner Enterprises was the first trucking company to offer paperless log systems in all trucks, allowing log books to be created and updated electronically from anywhere in the nation.

Trucking is Sorely Needing More Drivers

The company is well-known for treating its drivers with respect and dignity which goes a long way to ensuring employee loyalty. By continuing to match driver needs and lifestyles with opportunities, the company allows for career progression and improved benefits with all drivers. Werner utilizes the latest technology to help improve the quality of life for its drivers on the road. With in-cab email and scheduling systems to ensure drivers get home on time, Werner’s takes care of the working life as well as the home life of all drivers. The paperless log book system (a Werner exclusive feature) saves hundreds of man-hours allowing more driver performance on the road.

The company has a fleet of 8,650 trucks and 23,710 trailers on the road throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Because of this, drivers have the flexibility of driving for a division that best suits their lifestyles while allowing them to live and work in the areas of the country they prefer. Werner Enterprise also offers an award-winning apprentice driver program, approved by the U.S. Department of Labor. The program offers structured on-the-job learning and related instruction for approximately one year. Successful graduates will be certified as a Werner Professional Truck Driver and will get a nationally-recognized certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor. Werner Enterprises has 12 terminals throughout the country to help all its drivers, offering a variety of services and programs.

Werner Enterprises prides itself on having only the newest vehicles in its fleet of trucks. It’s a rare thing to see a Werner truck on the road that’s older than two years. Werner is well-known within the industry for having one of the newest fleets of late-model, satellite-equipped, high-horsepower tractors and trailers. The vehicles also have the latest safety, efficiency and driver comfort features.

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program ensures that vehicles have a minimum of downtime, and look professional at all times. This allows the company to attract and keep qualified drivers and keep maintenance costs down.

The company regularly offers training opportunities to student drivers with a weekly pay range of $700 to $800! This is just for the training program. When the training program is over students will have their CDL certification and are ready to start earning the Big Money! After graduating from this program, Werner truck drivers can expect to earn better income, including benefit and bonus programs while working for a stable company that respects and values its drivers. Is it any wonder that Werner Enterprises earns such loyalty from its employees?

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