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Knight Transportation has been a strong and dynamic part of the transportation industry for many years providing exciting career opportunities for many drivers. Through its 27 regional service centers spread across the country, the company offers transport solutions and services to its many customers. As the company continues to grow, its associates work to expand their skills so they can provide even more services to the company’s clients. The company has worked hard to completely understand the local markets they work in and provide the highest level of transport expertise to their clients, both regionally and nationally. Knight Transportation is committed to offering high value and on-time delivery service to their customers. By controlling the expansion of the company, the employees and stakeholders are well taken care of and the company maintains fiscal responsibility.

Knight Transportation Maintains their Fleet of Trucks Extremely Well

Working for Knight Transportation

Drivers who work for Knight Transportation (job board) can’t say enough about the vehicles they drive. Every vehicle in the fleet of trucks that the company owns, is well maintained, is generally less than two years old and comes complete with a large cab with all the comforts of home, CD player, Qualcomm, and many other comforts that make the job easier to perform. The company even provides an auxiliary heater system so drivers can sleep comfortably while on the road without idling engine noise. Knight Transportation has mostly Volvo 670 tractors in its fleet because of the models fatigue-reducing cabs and extra maneuverability due to their setback axles. Peterbilt tractors make up the balance of the fleet for those drivers who prefer a more traditional feel to what they drive. Regardless of make, every vehicle is a late model truck which is thoroughly maintained to reduce any downtime for the drivers. The company also prides itself on arranging schedules so that drivers are able to get home on a regular basis to spend time with their families.

The company also offers a lease purchase program to qualified and experienced drivers who want to take a more active part in their careers by becoming contract drivers for the company and making more profit for doing the same work.

Flexible payments can be arranged and the company offers three ways for drivers to earn credit towards their down payment on the vehicle. By working with the company as a driver you can build up credit which can be used to purchase your lease. Drivers who’ve been with the company for some years can use earned credit based on experience working with the company. The third way to get the down payment for the lease is simply to go to the bank and use your own good credit to borrow the funds. Lease purchase trucks are properly-maintained and regularly serviced and come with new tires, batteries, brakes, driver seat cushions and mattresses.

The company also offers driver training through its company-owned subsidiary, Squire Training. Entry level drivers are provided with the best education and experience possible while they’re learning to become safe and knowledgeable drivers. Students develop skills at an accelerated pace while gaining valuable experience and driver skills.

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