Trucking Careers are Looking Bright

It’s no secret that there’s a strong market for truck drivers throughout all facets of the industry as many sectors experience strong growth.

The simple fact is that most companies in the trucking industry are having a hard time finding enough people to drive their trucks for them. With the large number of older drivers soon set to retire, many companies are finding themselves coming up short on qualified drivers to drive their trucks. With the ever-increasing demand for transported goods, many companies are finding that they need to actually scale back deliveries for the simple fact that they don’t have the drivers to do the work. This means that for anyone coming into the industry as a truck driver, the market is pretty much their oyster!

Female Owner Operator Trucker Photo

Towards the end of this section you’ll find a solid list of the top employers of truck drivers in the U.S.:

    EDITOR’S NOTE: When fuel prices are high, as they are now, the trucking industry takes a hit because profit margins are slim. Unfortunately, trucking companies are often paying more for diesel than for employees today. As many industries continue to grow and the need for materials and goods increases, trucking companies are finding themselves in the position of finding a way of transporting those materials across the state or across the country with a shortage of truck drivers. Many truck driving schools have opened to help train new drivers so that the industry will have a steady and dependable source of new drivers to draw from. Many companies have even gone so far as starting up their own training schools and academies so that they can be assured of getting the quickest source of drivers to work for them. Many companies even offer the training for free if the student agrees to work for that company for a set period of time to work off the cost of training that student. This is a very attractive option for students looking to learn a career with a minimal cost involved – and with a job guaranteed upon graduation from the course!

Of course, this is also a very good deal for the company, as they receive a steady flow of new drivers that can be immediately put to work.

Recent studies have concluded that increased economic growth over the next ten years will cause a surging demand for materials and goods to be transported requiring over 320,000 additional long-haul truck drivers! This amounts to an annual figure of at least 32,000 new drivers that need to come into the industry, every year. Another 220,000 new drivers will need to be brought in to replace the retiring drivers over the next ten years as well. This amounts to a staggering figure of 540,000 new drivers that must be brought in to help sustain the growth required of this industry. As you can see, this industry is the perfect fit for someone looking to start a rewarding and fulfilling career! Let’s get you started.

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