Specialized Cargo Transport Regulations

Not all transported cargo is simple everyday materials that need to get from point A to point B. Many times the materials that need to be transported are of a particular or specialized nature. Sometimes the material will be flammable, or poisonous or corrosive.

Some Cargo Requires Specific Methods of Transportation

In these instances, specialized training is usually required of the driver responsible for the transportation of these materials. Many cargoes require special training and safety protocols to allow the materials to be safely transported along busy public highways. Special safety signage must be clearly visible on any vehicle transporting dangerous or hazardous products. Sometimes the cargo is so hazardous that only the best drivers are chosen to transport the materials to their destination. These materials can include volatile chemical agents, bio-wastes or specialized hazardous materials used in many industries, such as gold mining and manufacturing.

State and federal shipping laws and regulations closely regulate the transport of dangerous goods along the nation’s highways and are in place to insure that the public is fully protected from any exposure that may result from the improper or unsafe transportation of these dangerous materials. Though all trucking companies have their own specific safety protocols in place to protect the truck driver and the traveling public, state and federal departments of transportation have their own – usually much stricter – regulations that all truck drivers need to follow when transporting these dangerous materials.

All truck drivers need to make safety their first priority when transporting these materials, so that any accidents can be kept to the barest minimum where the public’s exposure is concerned. By closely following the safety protocols set up for each type of specialized or dangerous cargo, the driver can assure that the material reaches its destination safely and securely. Truck drivers who choose to transport materials of this type must be able to closely follow a set schedule of directions and safety protocols. Because of the dangerous nature of transporting this type of cargo, most trucking companies offer a premium or bonus plan to drivers willing to undergo the special safety and material handling training. For drivers who have the skill and nerve, this career path can be a very rewarding one in the industry.

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