Volvo Trucks Jobs

The Volvo name has been associated with the trucking and transportation industry for nearly a century, providing high quality vehicles and transport solutions to its customers around the world.

Volvo has Some of the Best Semi Trucks on the Market

Founded in 1927 by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel machinery and commercial vehicles. Volvo offers a wide range of specialized transport solutions for business, heavy industry and urban traffic customers. The Volvo group of companies includes such impressive brand names as Mack (See: Mack Jobs) and Renault Trucks as well as the full range of Volvo buses, construction equipment and specialized financial services which allow their customers to finance the lease or purchase of these vehicles. With over 75,000 employees in 25 countries around the world, the company is a true global player in the transportation and transport solutions industry. The Volvo Group owns eight manufacturing facilities in Sweden, the United States, Belgium and Brazil as well as well as nine factories owned by partner companies.

The Volvo Truck segment of the group is the second largest manufacturer of heavy transport equipment in the industry with over ninety-percent of their trucks being in the sixteen tones class of vehicles. Volvo customers are supported by a network of over 2,500 highly-skilled technicians in over 140 countries around the globe, ensuring that parts and service for all Volvo vehicles and equipment is available wherever and whenever it’s required. The company’s international presence in sales, parts and service makes it a perfect business partner for companies with global transportation needs. The company also has its own financing department that allows all customers to lease or buy their vehicles, no matter if it’s one vehicle or a fleet of thousands.

An International Leader in Transportation Solutions

Throughout the history of Volvo Trucks (Job Board), the company has been providing transportation solutions for military customers around the globe.

In total, more than 32,000 vehicles have been provided to military purchasers who know that the Volvo name is synonymous with dependability and high quality vehicles. The global network of parts and service facilities also means that any Volvo vehicle that should need repairs will not be out of commission for long. Whenever major relief operations require transportation solutions, Volvo vehicles are generally first to be chosen because of this same reputation for high quality and the global dealer and service network. The extreme conditions that are present in most of these natural disaster or conflict zones are no match for the skilled manufacture of Volvo vehicles.

Working for one of the World’s Best

Becoming an employee with a company like Volvo takes more than simply filling out an application form and sending it in to the company. Volvo has made it a point to always try to hire the best trained individuals from around the world, to make sure that the level of skilled technicians and sales personnel remains at the top of the industry. Volvo has even started a program that trains drivers of their vehicles on the best ways to get higher mileage out of their vehicles as well as providing safe driving skill training that ensures that drivers – both in and out of the truck – stay safe on the road.

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