Driving Jobs with CRST Van Expedited

In 1997, when CRST International made the transformation from a simple trucking firm into the transportation solution it is today, it was calculated to better serve the needs of the company’s customers.

CRST Van Expedited Offers Emergency Shipping to its Customers

By making the job of transporting goods and services easier for their clients, CRST became an even better provider of transportation solutions. In addition to offering a wide variety of transport services including van, flatbed and regional or long-haul services, the company has focused more on becoming their clients’ strategic partners in business. Through CRST Logistics, the company handles every aspect of transporting their partners’ materials from manufacturer to warehouse as well as many end destinations. With more than 1,100 tractors and 2,500 company-owned trailers CRST is capable of handling the transportation needs of its customers anywhere in the country anytime of the night or day. The company also has 2,000 team drivers, 350 single drivers and over 250 independent contractors available to ensure that customer shipments get where they’re supposed to be. With their satellite tracking system the company can be sure of where all their customers’ shipments are at anytime. This provides peace of mind and earns a high level of trust with their clients.

By listening to the questions and needs of their many customers, CRST is better able to make the sort of decisions and solutions that directly affect the many services provided. By offering such services as Air Cargo Expedited shipping, the company is able to handle emergency shipments for their customers – whether the shipment needs to go across the country of around the world. This type of customer service has been a part of the CRST way of doing business since the beginning. The company’s web site also helps customers keep track of any size shipment from a single small box to a container filled with essential products. The company prides itself on being able to match customers’ needs with their professional line of transportation services and solutions.

Jobs with CRST Trucking

There are many ways that you can start your truck driving career with CRST. As one of the nation’s leading employers of truck drivers, CRST has developed a reputation for being one of the best companies to work for.

Whether you want to work as a long-haul solo driver, as part of a team or as an independent contractor, CRST can help you reach your career goals. Their trucks are among the newest and best-maintained vehicles in the industry and include many interior enhancements to make the job more comfortable for its drivers.

With many positions available for regional, air cargo and fleet driving employees, the company is also one of the top hirers in the industry. Students who want to learn the business have many choices with CRST as well. The company offers training classes for students to be able to get their CDL and become part of the company’s team of driver trainees working as part of a team with an experienced driver who’ll show them the right way to do things.

Driving classes start weekly and last 2-4 weeks. Graduation from the program depends on the student’s qualifications – not on their credit record.

After graduating from the CDL course, students are ready to begin their training as truck drivers. Tuition costs for the program are paid by the company in return for an eight month commitment to train with the company as drivers.

CRST also has one of the best lease purchase programs in the country. In addition to the excellent choices of vehicles and maintenance support that’s second to none, the company also offers lease purchasers the guidance they may need to make the transition from company driver to owning their own business as a contractor to the company. Offering $0 down payment and no credit checking are two of the most popular aspects of the program. All you need to do is meet the company’s standards as a professional driver with more than eight months of over the road experience – and you’re in. Lease purchase drivers can expect to earn in the range of $145,000 to $168,000 annually before maintenance and other costs are factored in. For more information you can visit the company’s website at https://www.joincrst.com/.

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