Park Concessions Job Application Process

If you have a particular park in mind for the summer, look it up in the National Park listings, call the park, and inquire about which private concession companies they use or which ones are located nearby. Because of space limitations, we have only listed the largest or most popular concessioner companies.
Hundreds more exist.

Park Concession Job Applications are not Much Different than Regular Store Applications

We’ve also tried to include concessioners located in a variety of regions so you’ll be able to find a job wherever you would like to work.

If you don’t have a particular park in mind, simply turn to the concessioner listings and apply to those companies that interest you. We recommend improving your chances by applying to several companies.

Concessioners do most of their summer hiring during the winter and spring months before the tourist season begins. Nevertheless, some concession employees will leave early to spend part of the summer hiking, so openings exist throughout the season. Also, because many of the largest parks (including Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone) stay open year-round, positions with concessioners are almost always available. The task, of course, is finding out about those openings.

Once you have made a list of concessioner companies you would like to work for, send a cover letter requesting an application. As soon as it arrives, fill it out completely and neatly, then return it.

About a week after you send the application, follow up to confirm that your application was received and ask (politely) if any openings are expected in the near future. Don’t be too aggressive, but show interest.

When you get an interview, dress neatly and conservatively. Long hair and beards are generally frowned upon, so skip the grunge look. Because this is the hospitality industry, be friendly and open. Most concessioners want to hire fun, courteous, clean-cut, and responsible people. You may be asked lots of questions about the kind of work you want to do and your career goals, so be prepared.

Several large concessions companies hire a large percentage of the private-sector employees at America’s most popular national parks. The huge numbers of people that these companies employ make them particularly good options for summer job hunters – Xanterra, Delaware North, and Aramark. All three actively recruit summer workers on college campuses, so make sure to ask about their recruiting efforts in your area when you contact their personnel departments.

There are other big employers too. For example, the Grand Teton Lodge Company (part of Vail Resorts) employs up to 1,000 people to work in Grand Teton National Park, definitely worth considering if you want to experience working surrounded by spectacular scenery and have an assortment of recreation possibilities at your doorstep.

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