Volunteer Outdoor Jobs

Volunteering is about more than just lending a hand every now and then. Volunteering can give you an edge in the future and put you a foot above your competition. Organizations and agencies like the National Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, state parks agencies, and private organizations, such as the Peace Corps, all welcome volunteers with open arms.

Did You Know? The estimated value of a volunteer’s time is $20.25 an hour. Volunteers donate billions of dollars worth of work to worthy causes every year.

Once you have a foot in the door, you will meet new people and have the opportunity to network regarding employment opportunities both seasonal and full-time for the future.

Volunteer Work Helps Build the Forest and Also Professional Connections

Relationships built during volunteer experiences are incredibly enduring and can lead to business and career opportunities you can’t even begin to foresee.

As a volunteer, you learn the ropes and learn to trust in yourself when out in nature. Although you may not get paid for your time, the experience itself can be priceless. If you decide on a career working outdoors in the wildness, volunteering will give you free experience for your resume or application. Volunteer opportunities often lead to dream jobs and are available through both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Did You Know? The Grand Canyon took three to six million years to form. Its span is 18 miles wide, and it stretches more than 277 miles in length.

Quick Summary:

  • Often the best way to know if you will like to work outdoors is to volunteer outdoors.
  • Being a volunteer looks great on applications and resumes.
  • Volunteering gives you some of the experience you may need for the jobs you want to do outdoors.
  • Volunteers work for free, but the experience they gain is priceless.
  • Volunteers often have more places to choose from then those applying for jobs, as they accept volunteers almost anywhere.
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