Jobs with Animals

Jobs that work directly with animals are particularly hard to acquire mainly because working with wildlife can be dangerous. It requires training and often times, requires the attention of a professional veterinarian or animal worker.

Bird Trainer Working with Bird

However, there are some opportunities that involve working directly with animals that don’t require the education of a veterinary professional. Working or volunteering for a humane society can be an excellent way to get hands on experience working with animals, while making a difference. Foundations such as humane societies need dedicated volunteers and workers each year to help raise awareness for adoptions, walk dogs, clean cages and provide foster homes. Researching the humane society closest near you is an excellent place to start for people who are eager to have hands on animal experience, but lack a formal animal education. Be sure to read the Fish and Wildlife Jobs pages in this section too.

Field Worker

A field worker takes many forms. They can be conservationists, inspecting environments and conducting research or they can be ecologists, who study the specific way a species interacts with its environment. Most field workers are science majors who are working in the industry as a part of their graduate program or as a working professional. The research they do helps implement wildlife conservation plans and efforts to improve the way people and wildlife interact.

Bird Surveys

Bird Surveys are conducted by field workers, biologists and conservationists to map or track the movement of bird populations. Bird Survey research indicates the health of bird populations in specific environments but also indicates the health of the environment in general. Research is done to make strides on how struggling populations are recovering and helps indicate what populations need assistance from conservationists.


There are literally thousands of jobs relating to wildlife. Administration efforts for wildlife foundations are an integral part in the way people interact and effect wildlife. Grant writers and researchers are all positions that indirectly help reach the goals of foundations dedicated to help wildlife.

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