National Park Service Job Application Process

The Park Service allows applicants to apply for two jobs in two park areas (four positions total). For general information regarding applying for a government job, turn back to the introduction and read over the section on general hiring practices. Once you’ve decided on two parks and two types of positions:

The Application Process for National Park Service Position Generally Requires you to Complete Many Forms
  • Call or write a regional office or the park of your choice for applications. Clearly state the names of the positions for which you want to apply, because different positions have different application forms.
  • Fill out the application carefully and accurately. Be sure to indicate your choices of parks and positions.
  • Provide accurate address information. Include phone numbers to enable the Park Service to reach you.
  • Cite specific academic qualifications, highlighting skills which are relevant to the position.
  • All submitted materials must bear your original signature.
  • Make sure that your application is postmarked on time.

Whereas some parks hire their own seasonal employees, others hire through planning centers, regional headquarters, or even national headquarters in Washington, DC. If you’re not sure where to send your application, mail it to:

    Seasonal Employment Unit
    National Park Service
    P.O. Box 37127, Room 2225
    Washington, DC 20013-7127

Remember: Application deadlines for general seasonal summer employment is January 15. Other positions have varied deadlines depending on the region and type of job. The best procedure is to check deadline dates with the park(s) you are applying to.

Where Should I Apply?

Many people want to work in the most famous parks. However, it is essential to keep in mind that thousands of people will be applying for positions in these areas.

Park Service regional offices will send you a list of the parks in their region with the fewest number of applications per opening to encourage applicants to apply to the less popular parks. Just call and ask!

Although seasonal employees are never guaranteed permanent positions with the Park Service, they often return for second or third seasonal positions and sometimes move up to full-time career appointments; however, this doesn’t always happen. Due to confusing and convoluted government hiring procedures, the move from a seasonal to a career position is rarely straightforward. Seasonal employees should not assume that they will automatically be promoted into permanent positions. Seasonal employees considering permanent careers should spend some time in the personnel office at the park or regional office at which they work.

You’ll find all the latest National Park Service job listings in the JobMonkey Job Center – seasonal and year-round positions. You’re just a click away!

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