Federal Jobs – Important Application Dates

The U.S. government is the largest employer in the United States and as to be expected, it has very strict guidelines and timelines regarding summer employment applications.

If you’re thinking about applying for a seasonal job with one of the parks departments, then it’s important that you understand the application process and the submission and deadline dates before you begin the process. For instance, you should know that the deadline for application submissions for summer employment is January 15, and no applications postmarked after that will even be considered.

Applications Dates are Quite Rigid When it Comes to Federal Outdoor Jobs

In other words, you must be prepared to summit your application for summer work while the snow is still on the ground!  In addition, all applications much be filled out completely and according to their guidelines in order to be considered. It’s important to note that we will also talk about other outdoor job opportunities that are not associated with the federal government. These jobs don’t have such strenuous guidelines.

Special Job Application Dates

While some positions that are posted clearly spell out the opening and closing dates of when applications will be accepted, this is not true for all positions. Some positions have the same opening and closing dates year after year. This is true for the 10,000 summer and seasonal positions that need to be filled every year. Luckily, we have the information here that you need. The application dates for summer jobs are:

  • November 1st – This is the date that summer jobs are typically announced for the following year and applications become available
  • December 1st – Submission of summer job applications opens on this date.
  • January 15th – This is the closing day for summer job applications, and they all must be postmarked by this date.

For all other permanent work, volunteer and off-season jobs, you will have to read the announcement that pertains to the job you desire in order to get the specifics on application dates. Summer openings are the only jobs that have the same dates every year.

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