Private Sector Outdoor Jobs (Non-Government)

While working for federal or state agencies has its rewards, many people find non-government outdoor jobs similar in terms of the benefits that they offer, but with better pay, more flexibility and fewer rules.

Private Sector Outdoor Jobs Require a Lot of Enthusiasm From Workers

Usually a resume, letter of reference or a simple application is all it takes to hire on as a seasonal worker at some of the country’s most spectacular parks and wilderness areas.

However you look at it, they certainly afford employees the chance to earn a living away from the typical office setting where they have to punch the clock nine to five. It’s important to remember that these positions are meant to be enjoyed by those who do them. These are the types of jobs that cause you to wake up every day excited about what the day will hold while you’re at work.

Private sector outdoor jobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the more common positions being discussed on this site. Concessioners, private contractors and environmental organizations all offer outdoor employment opportunities, with park concessioners being the largest employer group. Most non-government outdoor or park-related jobs also come with a lot less paperwork than their government counterparts. And besides the most common positions, there are hundreds of other positions ranging from fishing guides to horseback riding group coordinators to cleaning trails and planting trees. Most of these are the types of jobs that those people sitting behind a desk can only dream about. But you can make that dream a reality.

Did You Know? Yellowstone was the first official national park, and it was created in 1872. Then President Ulysses S. Grant created it by signing it into law. The Calvary was the first caretakers of the park.

Park Concessionaire Jobs

Concessionaire jobs are service oriented in general and are offered through companies that are located in national parks all over the country. The services vary with each site but include jobs in restaurants, gift shops, hotels, trail guide services and other activities that parks provide for its visitors. Just think, you’ll have the park as your backyard to explore when you aren’t working.

Outdoor Jobs – Private Employers

If you are interested in working outdoors so you can spend more of your time in nature, and want an adventurous job to boot, private employers offer some great opportunities. Some of the most common companies are those that offer adventures services to visitors. These include mountain bike riding, snorkeling, white water rafting, and horseback riding to name a few. Although many of these companies are located near the park and out in the wilderness, many of them have offices in the nearest city as well as web pages so you can get in contact with them regarding their current openings. Of course, the database here on JobMonkey has tons of current job postings from every city conveniently put together for you in one place. It’s just waiting for you to explore it!

Environmental Organization Jobs

If you don’t particularly want to work in the great outdoors, but want to do more to preserve our beautiful natural resources, you can still make a difference. Environmental organizations hire people to teach what they know and share their passion for nature with others. Many of these private organizations offer jobs similar to the ones that the government offers. They also deal with wildlife, conservation and reforestation. It’s the perfect way to turn your passion into a career path.

Did You Know? Everglades National Park was the first national park to be preserved, and is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles live side-by-side.

Contract Jobs

Much like the government hires seasonal employees, there are many private sector companies who hire people for short periods of time. Sometimes these jobs are extended and can turn into long-term positions. For example, one of the short term contract positions is that of seasonal tree planters. Although most work is done in the summer months, such as planting and pruning trees and vegetation, there are also jobs to be filled in the spring and fall as well.

Dude Ranch Jobs

Have you ever wanted to live like a cowboy? Would you have ever thought you could get paid to take people horseback riding and earn money while enjoying other outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and serving BBQ? All the while living in a remote ranch in the west? Dude ranches are growing in popularity for family vacations or couple get-a-ways, and these remote resorts need people to take care of them. Working on a dude ranch isn’t just an exciting job – it’s a way of life for those daring enough to live this lifestyle.

Quick Summary:

  • You can get most all of the same benefits while working in the private sector as you can by working for the government.
  • Some of those benefits include a similar, but less stringent application process, less paperwork, more flexibility, less competition and more job variety.
  • The private sector has temporary and long-term positions available.
  • The largest group of employees within the private sector is park concessioners.
  • Nature lovers or adventure seekers can find great jobs in the private sector.


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