Reforestation Employment Application Procedures

Dozens of organizations – ranging from major multinational timber corporations to small mom and pop contractors to (on rare occasion) the Forest Service itself – hire seasonal workers to help with reforestation efforts. To attempt a complete listing would be all but impossible. If you are interested in one of these positions, and if you think you meet the qualifications, follow these guidelines:

Most Reforestation Happens Around the Pacific Northwest
  • Decide where you want to work. Most reforestation takes place in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Call the appropriate regional office of the Forest Service and ask who to contact with respect to reforestation jobs. They’ll probably send you a list of contractors who are replanting trees on Forest Service land. While talking with them, ask whether they know if any private timber lands are being reforested in the region and who is doing the work.
  • Contact the appropriate people by phone or by mail. Tell them you’re interested in reforestation work, and ask for an application.

Reforestation companies working on contract for the Forest Service or other government agencies are required to hire at least part of their work force through state employment offices. For this reason, you may be referred to your local Job Service.

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