Driving To Your Job

The vast majority of people working in national parks and forests throughout America drive to their respective employment sites.

Driving to your National Park Job is Fairly Common

Having a car on hand allows you more freedom to travel and explore before, during, and after your job.
For instance, someone from Los Angeles who has a job in Yellowstone National Park for the summer might drive in order to visit other parks in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado en route. After all, why pass up the chance to see the Grand Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, and Dinosaur National Monument?

If you plan to travel alone, but would consider a companion, check ride boards at local colleges and universities for the names of others seeking travel companions, or post a notice requesting a companion.

If you’re driving, think about joining the Automobile Association of America. AAA is a great organization whose focus is travel and travel planning. With offices in most major cities, members are able to get free travel literature and maps, make plane reservations, purchase travelers checks, and much more. We have found their offices to be great resource centers. AAA memberships are affordable, and members receive twenty-four hour roadside assistance 365 days of the year. If you run into car trouble, you get free gas delivery, jump starts, and five miles of free towing. Considering that you may be driving long distances, AAA membership is a bargain. Call (800) AAA-HELP for more information.

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